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    Emmanuel Ponette

    In the GoG, it says that the Doraddi are shamanic but with hereditary priesthood.
    Do they consider Pamalt, and all the gods in the list below to be spirits? Or are they like Kyger Lithor Shaman-Priests?

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    Peter Metcalfe

    I believe it means that the Doraddi Gods provide their worshippers with spirits. In other words, they function similarly to Kolat (Sartar Companion), Storm Bull (Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes) and Waha (HeroQuest: Glorantha).

    As to how the Doraddi view their gods, the big spirits works fine for them. The God Learners may disagree (cf HeroQuest Glorantha p132-133) but they are dead now so can’t talk.

    Lastly the Shaman-Priestesses of Kyger Litor was an RQism, I feel.

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    Emmanuel Ponette

    Alas, I’m a RQ6 player… 😉

    Therefore, I don’t have Sartar Companion, S:KoH et H:G. Is it possible to have a quick explanation of what it is (without any copyright issues)?

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    Olli Kantola
      To me this feels like we are imposing a foreign vocabulary on the Doraddi culture. The Doraddi probably have a word that distinguishes between the big spirits that are so big that youi can’t summon them and the more small spirits that you have with you. The hereditary priesthood would signal to me that they have family lines that have a tradition of interacting with certain spirits. I do believe that they already have this with plant spirits?
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    Emmanuel I’m a RQ player as well, but I recommend getting the Moon Design books (Sartar, Sartar Companion, Pavis) as they are about 90% pure narrative content with a small amount of HQ stats which are easily used as guidelines for porting to RQ6. You can ignore them and create your own stuff from the narrative alone, although DM are bringing out RQ Adventures In Glorantha soon, which may explain this more. But I seriously recommend getting the Moon Design books even if you never play HQ, they are full to the brim of Gloranthan information.

    But I digress from topic…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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