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    I noticed in many places in the Cult Compendium the mention spending POW ( for example gaining a one time use of a rune spell), and increasing POW through gameplay. I’m not sire how to implement this with Runequest 6e since you don’t easily gain POW in RAW. Maybe substitute magic points for POW sine they can regenerate?

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    Rune magic was slightly different in RQ2, there were no magic points and POW was the direct source. Rune magic = Theism in RQ6, I’d re-read the Theism chapter in RQ6 and use that as written, ignoring any weird POW stuff in Griffin Mountain. RQ2/3 also had a list of standard Rune Magic that most cults could access. here’s the RQ3 one for reference, the points refer to POW cost, so ignore them:

    Armoring Enchantment ritual
    Binding Enchantment ritual
    Dismiss Magic 1 point
    Divination 1 point
    Excommunication ritual
    Extension 1 point
    Find Enemy 1 point
    Find (Substance) 1 point
    Heal Wound 1 point
    Magic Point Matrix Enchantment ritual
    Mindlink 1 point
    Sanctify 1 point
    Soul Sight 1 point
    Spell Matrix Enchantment ritual
    Spell teaching ritual
    Spirit Block 1 point
    Strengthening Enchantment ritual
    Summon (Species) ritual
    Warding 1 point
    Worship (Deity) ritual
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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