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    Normally you would use accumulation of augments in heroquesting, but I want to use the outcome of what appears to be chance encounters to influence later interactions during a long, pilgrimage-like journey.

    Is using past actions for an augment in later dealings with other people a legitimate application of the rules?

    I would use this as a means to make Orlanthi boasting work in support of negotiations. Could this be an automatic augment, or does the boasting of the player hero influence the weight of such an incident?

    Imagine this situation: The party transports the corpse of an earth priestess for burial in Nochet through Sun Dome County south of Sartar.

    “The Ergeshi slaves get agitates as they catch a glimpse of the lead mask that lies at the foot of the bier. This gets the attention of the templars who lead their small caravan past your wagon. The leader of the templars demands to know where this mask comes from.”

    The players will be told (or remember, if a character makes use of an appropriate knowledge ability) that the Ergeshi are enslaved Kitori under control of the Sun Dome allies of Tarkalor.

    The lead mask is a heirloom that the husband of the dead grandmother transported on the wagon brought home from the Big Rubble. It is a Kimantoring lead mask originally from Nochet which somehow found its way to Pavis in the Imperial Age, and has great similarity to the lead masks worn by the (free) Kitori. Both these types of masks are copies of the lead mask of the Only Old One.

    The templars demand that the party hands over the mask so that it can be destroyed as a vile symbol of Darkness. The party will have to negotiate to keep the mask.

    Some time later one of the Ergeshi will sneak up to a party member, thank them for them protecting that heirloom, and for reminding his people that there are still loyal worshipers of their ancestor, the Only Old One. His name is … of the lineage of … .

    When the party needs to negotiate later on with Kitori, the trolls of the Lead Hills or the temple of Kimantor in Nochet, they can boast that they helped this individual for an augment.

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    HQ suggests that you treat it as a toolkit to help make better stories. And if you find a situation where different rules might work, then go for it.

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    Harald Smith

    I would treat it either as a Situational Bonus that carries over or possibly as a new Relationship breakout (if some oath was made or someone rolled a critical success or scored a complete victory or applied a Hero Point to help ensure success).


    The point of me publishing the scenario is to provide an introductory scenario for the German Heroquest. I shouldn’t make up new rules or rules variatons for that…

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    As you describe it as a pilgrimage, just call it a this world heroquest?

    There are examples of this world heroquest said in both Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes and in the Sartar Companion and, to an extent, in Pavis:Gateway to Adventure

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    Roko Joko

    Joerg, this in the rules as plot augments.

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    As is stated above it’s already in the rules. If you also look at a HeroQuest Glorantha character sheet, you will see that I redesigned to have Benefits & Consequences in an accessible place as it’s core to playing the game.

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