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    The more I look at BoL, the more I think it could do Glorantha very well indeed & could even be a quicker/ easier/ more intuitive set of rules than HQ2/HQ:G!?!

    Any thoughts or feedback from people who play BoL? Anyone?!?

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    That’s an idea I’ve been thinking about, myself! It won’t be a perfect Glorantha simulator like Runequest, but I could see the rules for Talismans and Divination in Honor+Intrigue working well and basically unedited as a sort of Animism alongside the base game’s Sorcery and Priest Magic. Really, I guess you could reflavor the base game’s Sorcery to work as any magic system.


    According to Greg, RQ is definitely not the perfect Glorantha simulator! HQ2/ HQ:G is definitely more like it…

    I tend to agree with you that the BoL Sorcery rules could work for all 3 (4 with the Lunars) systems of Gloranthan magic. I haven’t seen Honor & Intrigue, so I don’t have any idea about its specific rules.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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