Zorak Zoran

Zorak Zoran

[zoe-RAHK zoe-RAHN]

Uz pantheon — god of hate

Titled Lord Demon of the Legions of Death, Zorak Zoran is the primary war god for trolls, and his worship is even found among humans. Zorak Zoran is the mindless explosion of fear and frenzy against both order and chaos which finds its only justification and satisfaction in unlimited violence. As much as the rest of the world might regret it, this entity is one which helped save the world and whose powers may be needed again. He, too, is part of the Cosmic Balance.

Zorak Zoran is illustrated as an old three-eyed man or troll. In one of his hands he holds a mace and with the other he makes a magical gesture.


Parent: Deities

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