Wyrms Footnotes

Wyrms Footnotes

Our Goal

Our Goal is for Wyrms Footnotes to be a place where we can regularly publish articles, maps, short scenarios, background, and more, without needing everything to fit together. Anything HeroQuest, Gloranthan, or RuneQuest is fair game, as are any licensed products of Moon Design.

Current issues

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How to Submit

Use this contact form to submit articles for Wyrms Footnotes.

Format and Schedule

The format will be 64-96 US letter sized (8.5 x 11) pages, with a color cover. The internal pages will be greyscale text with limited art. We chose the initial page count because we are trying to increase the likelihood that we could publish the magazine on a more frequent basis, perhaps 2-3 times a year. Obviously, the more articles and art we receive greatly helps achieve this goal.

What We Want to Publish

We’re happy to publish anything Gloranthan that is well written, playable and consistent with canon. Each issue will contain a potpourri of subjects relating to Glorantha and the Hero Wars. We may do themed issues if enough material comes in. The preferred length of articles is 500 to 3,000 words (one to six pages). As for the main article types:

  • Scenarios (Episodes)

    Ready to run scenarios are the most popular, especially for the new GM’s we are trying to attract. The less preparation work needed the better. They can be either for a single evening of play or for multiple play sessions.

  • Gamemaster Tips

    Take a few of the rules that can be awkward to new GMs and explain how to conquer them with ease. Provide examples of what works well. This could become a “how to effectively Gamemaster” column.

  • Places and Things

    These could detail a village, shrine, wyter, tribe, clan, temple, tula, swamp, stream, or other notable place. A cool map would significantly help the article. We have a number of cartographers available if you need improve your sketch map into something more professional.

  • People

    There are so many great characters sketched out in King of Sartar, various Runequest supplements, and other assorted previously published materials that this could be a lifetime’s work for someone. Just grab the name of a Gloranthan person and write them up. Around 500 words is probably the best length to aim for, unless you are writing up somebody very famous, powerful, and/or with a long history.

  • Creatures

    We would love to have a few creatures (with a picture of each) per issue. Most of them could be written in 500 words or less. Look at The Sartar Companion for inspiration and examples.

  • Minor Cults (Magical Keywords)

    Whether they are centered on a single Hero, a minor deity, a great spirit, or whatever, about 500 to 1,000 words is the recommended length. Look at Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes for inspiration and examples.

  • Mythic Tales (Heroquests)

    While daunting at first look, this is a natural extension of a good piece of fiction. These could be anything from 500 to 3,000 words in length. Look at Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes for inspiration and examples.

  • Art Submissions

    Generic Gloranthan art is always welcome, but most of the art will be commissioned. We also encourage authors to contact any artists they know and see if they can work out the art themselves. With the exception of the cover, there will be few requirements (or space) for full page art. On average, most of the pictures will be no larger than 1/2 of a page in size. Please see the extensive “look of Glorantha” info found on our website for more information. We also have detailed map scale and presentation standards being developed.

  • Everything Else

    If what you want to write doesn’t fit into one of the above categories please contact us if you are unsure about whether we would publish it.

What Do I Get Out of It?

Authors, artists, and volunteers who make contributions will get a free copy, of course. Multiple published submissions are rewarded with multiple free copies. We will also give you discounts on other products that Moon Design publishes and buy them free drinks the next time we see them in person.

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