Why do the Giants use the River of Cradles

Why do the Giants use the River of Cradles

Published 1st May 1999

Question from HERVE ANCELIN.

Q: Why did the Giants let their children drift on magic cradles along the Zola Fel ?

A: The question implies that the giants had a choice on this matter. They did not. They have no more choice in this than a human woman has over her own biology. The comparison would have this woman not “let her children drift enclosed in an amniotic sac down her birth canal.”

The analogy is intentional, and can be a good example of how something is not always exactly what it appears to be. The giants in question here are tremendous being, far more huge than Gonn Orta. The peaks of the Seven Giant Mountains are just small parts of the giantess. The journey of the baby down the Zola Fel, and subsequently down the Homeward Ocean, is the giant equivalent of giving birth.

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Parent: Glorantha

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