The Perfect Sky, revised

The Perfect Sky, revised

Published 15th Dec 1999

As some of you know, we have been meddling with “The Perfect Sky” (a section of The Glorious ReAscent of Yelm) for several years, trying to iron out some of the discrepancies, omissions, and other problems in Plentonius’ list of the 100 Celestial Bodies.

Note that some stars from the published version have been removed. This does not mean that these stars do not exist, merely that they either were not one of the 100 visible bodies at that time (becoming visible later), or else that Plentonius omitted them from his list so that he could include other bodies.

The Perfect Sky

The Forty-Nine

1. Pole Star
2. Arraz
3. Ourania

4. Porridge Star
5. Everina
6. Conspirator

7. First Star of Virtue; House of Insight, or Burburstus’ Eye
8. Second Star of Virtue; House of Serenity, or Burburstus’ Maw
9. Third Star of Virtue; House of Strength, or Burburstus’ Neck
10. Fourth Star of Virtue; House of Brilliance, or Burburstus’ Chest (or Heart)
11. Fifth Star of Virtue; House of Sovereignty, or Burburstus’ Wing
12. Shackle, or Burburstus’ Body (or Liver)
13. Sixth Star of Virtue; House of Transformation, or Burburstus’ Belly
14. Seventh Star of Virtue; House of Wisdom, or Burburstus’ Tail
15. Eighth Star of Virtue; House of Action, or Burburstus’ Stinger

16. Seed of Erenbaya
17. Erkonus
18. Dove
19. Harp
20. Tholm

21. Lorion’s Tongue
22. Lorion’s Eye
23. Lorion’s Tail

24. Urnbudud, leg
25. Urnbudud, leg
26. Urnbudud, arm
27. Urnbudud, arm

28. Varnaga, the Corcodile
29. Galgarenge, the Griffin
30. Ubisus, the Bull
31. Oasis
32. Thasus

33. Bakoka’s Pincer
34. Bakoka’s Womb

35. Jewel Flower

36. Youth or Throne

37. Root
38. Shafesora
39. Durbaddath, the Lion
40. Vergenari, the Sow
41. Swan

42. Lestakus’ Bow
43. Lestakus’ Heart
44. Lestakus’ Hip
45. Lestakus’ Knee

46. Pot
47. Winnowing Fan

48. Ulurdum
49. Ulurda

The Fifty-One

50. Disruptor
51. Lightfore
52. Arakang, the Bear
53. Branch
54. Raider Star
55. Shargash
56. Anaxial
57. Dragon’s Head
58. Lokarnos
59. Cold Man

The Jumpers

60. Theya, the Dawn Star
61. Erindamus, the Dog Star
62. Rausa, the Dusk Star
63. Kalikos, the North Star

The Awakeners

64. Entekos
65. Barley
66. Millet
67. Beezil
68. Willow (or Silverbark)
69. EthElsora (aka Uleria)
70. Third Outlaw

The (Later) New Stars

71. First New Flower, or Second Flower
72. Cold Woman
73. Sweet Rice
74. Fat Rice
75. Hardy Rice

76. Drowns Children
77. Pulls down Walls
78. Reed
79. Steward
80. Jenarong

81. Lorion’s Eye
82. Lorion’s Marker

83. Second New Flower, or Third Flower
84. Mr. Hardworking Paddy Worker
85. Mrs. Hardworking Paddy Worker
86. Harp, or the Instrument-carrier
87. Norees, the Cook
88. Avivath
89. Donkey Holder

The Last Stars

90. Borna, the Volunteer Girl
91. The First Fish
92. The Second Fish
93. Oxbow
94. Vuranostum
95. Rakenveg, the Hare
96. Fork
97. Strong Wing
98. Wing Claw

99. Antirius, The New Sun
100. Yelm

Pelorian Art Direction

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