Seven Mothers

Seven Mothers

Lunar pantheon — the re-creators of the Red Goddess

The Seven Mothers are:

The spirits of the original secret council which restored the Red Goddess to the world receive popular worship throughout the Lunar Empire. Their worshipers feed the poor and proselytize among them for initiates. Along with potato bread and soup, they reveal stories which compare the downtrodden with the Red Goddess, who had her own humble beginnings in a poorhouse tended by the wise folk who guided her to godhead. The various subcults of this religion act in concert to familiarize outsiders with the stories of the Red Goddess. Just as the original mothers taught the Goddess, so do these holy folk teach people about her. Individuals are initiated into the cult of the Red Goddess and can enter any of the subcults.

Images of the Seven Mothers are described separately in each individual entry. A popular image set into pottery shows the whole group sitting in a crescent shaped boat.

The Seven Lightbringers

Parent: Deities

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