Pavis, Gateway to Adventure

Pavis, Gateway to Adventure


Pavis: Gateway to Adventure

What’s in this book? (from the back cover)

Pavis: Gateway to Adventure contains 416 pages of pure Gloranthan gold, including:

• Full write-ups for locations including New Pavis, Pavis County, Sun Dome County, Prax, the Ruins of Feroda, and the Pavis Temple.

• 66 detailed random encounters and 20 special encounters for Prax, the River of Cradles, and Pavis – each an adventure in its own right.

• Four full-length scenarios, plus dozens of adventure seeds.

• Character creation for Pavis heroes and full write-ups of 6 cults: Pavis, Flintnail, Lanbril, Yelmalio, Zola Fel, and the Seven Mothers.




Sartar Companion
Guide to Glorantha

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