Uz pantheon — mother of insects

Gorakiki’s progeny are spread over all the world. The cult allows the domestication of insects by its members and flourishes especially among trolls. There are two dozen exclusive subcults, each specializing in the breeding and study of a single type of insect. The timinits of Jrustela also worship this goddess.

Humans depict Gorakiki as an enormous and terrifying version of whatever insect wreaks the most havoc in their native land. Troll images of her are made of mud in whatever shape is appropriate for the favored species, and these troll images change through the year. In summer egg-like spheres are used. These are broken in autumn and remade into grubs, which are then wrapped each winter and unwrapped and revealed as adult insect shapes in the spring.

See Cult Compendium page 208


Parent: Deities

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