Daka Fal

Daka Fal


Orlanthi and Praxian pantheons — judge of the dead

The Courts of Silence squat at the outskirts of Hell. Within this mighty, grim hall is a great dais upon which sit three entities. In the center is Daka Fal, robed in the holy garments of a judge. To either side are assistants, whose names and functions are uncertain.

Every person must someday confront Daka Fal, who knows all men’s crimes and righteous acts. Those that were honest and fair will have their gods to plead for them. The wicked will stand alone, condemned. Guided or hounded by spirits, each judged soul leaves the Courts of Silence by a doorway into their own heaven or hell.

Daka Fal is usually depicted as a shrouded figure sitting high atop a chair or stool. Sometimes he is portrayed as a human whose face is a mirror.

See Cult Compendium page 61


Parent: Deities

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