Building Jorjar Latish for Pavis: Gateway to Adventure

Building Jorjar Latish for Pavis: Gateway to Adventure

Here is Jorjar Latish, Arrogant Librarian, a sample character from Pavis: Gateway to Adventure with his build points included.

Jorjar Latish, Arrogant Librarian


Rune Affinities

Air          14   (+1 from the 9) (ERATTA)

Truth       1W     (Lhankor Mhy Divine Rune Affinity) (17+4 from the 20)

Read Auld Wyrmish +1 (from the 9)

Read Jrusteli +1 (from the 9)

Remember Writing +1 (from the 9)

Law   1W              (Lhankor Mhy Divine Rune Affinity)  (17+4 from the 20)

Stop chaos +1 (from the 9)

Identify Wizardry +1 (from the 9)

a Torvald Fragments Grimoire (1 from the 20)

Analyze Magic (free but no bonus)

Identify Runic Power (free but no bonus)

Read Item’s History (free but no bonus)

Reveal Secret (free but no bonus)


      Sage 1W  (13+8 from the 20)

Investigation +1 (from the 9)

Research +1 (from the 9)


Member of the Cult of Pavis 13  (1 from the 20)


Member of the Latish Clan 15 (13+2 from the 20)

Father is High Priest of Lhankor Mhy +1 (from the 9)


Arrogant 13 (free descriptor)


(plant) Summon single fruit (Spell) 13

(earth) Detect snakes (Spell) 13

(anti-chaos) Kill Broo (Spell) 13


Flaws:   Oblivious to danger 2W

Desires Forbidden Knowledge 2W

Afraid of Snakes 2W

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