Orlanthi and Uz pantheons — grandmother of wealth

Asrelia is the keeper and distributor of all which is good and desired (with respect to the culture in which she is worshiped). She is also the mother of Ernalda and Maran Gor.

Among humans she is pictured as an ugly hag bedecked in endless necklaces and rings, and cloaked in robes studded with precious metals. Shining jewels, sparking flints, living stones, fossils, and numberless coins blanket the ground at her feet.

Among trolls she is symbolized as a bowl carved from granite. On the bowl’s exterior are stylized ears stuffed closed with wooden or dirt plugs. The bowl’s lip is ridged and sharp, and the bowl’s interior has three to seven undulating lines in concentric circles about the center.

See Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes page 139, The Book of Heortling Mythology page 144


Parent: Deities

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