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Tales of Mythic Adventure Episode 19 – Selena Chambers

MOB chats with Selena Chambers, author of the 2016 World Fantasy Award nominated short story ‘The Neurastheniac’, found in the Chaosium anthology Cassilda’s Song: Tales Inspired by Robert W. Chambers King in Yellow Mythos, itself in WFA contention for Best Anthology later this month. Laird Barron (in his Feb 2016 review of Cassilda’s Song in Locus) […]

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Tales of Mythic Adventure Episode 17 – “A Foundational Document for RPGs”

Kickstarter Countdown 0:00 – 3:35 With four days to go on with the RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter, Jeff reckons this episode is as timely and punchy as a recent episode of “South Park”. In this up-to-the-minute torn-from-the-headlines podcast the Griffin Mountain stretch goal is just about there, tripping over $145,000. RQ1 Glorontha (sic) by Chasium (sic) […]

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