Carvak Zirian

ZzaburiCarvak Zirian, the mind of the Talar, presents himself to the immortal Belintar the Recurring, the Master of Luck and Death. Known to be more than three hundred years old (his actual age is a mystery), he has served Belintar since the Stranger first arrived in Kethaela. Carvak Zirian is a materialist sorcerer who views the gods as magical entities to be studied and controlled, rather than worshiped.
Carvak Zirian is friendly with many Lhankor Mhy sages. Two generations ago, his correspondence with Master Bondaru concerning the physical body and its ethereal attributes greatly enhanced the Knowledge Temple’s understanding of Second Age Jrusteli texts.

Sednadimos, Daughter of the Deep
A few notes on the God Time history of mortals
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