Feathered Horse Queen Dynasty

The Feathered Horse Queens are the most important Earth priestesses of Dragon Pass (and often paired with the High Priestess at the Shaker Temple – they always address each other as “sister”). The following is a Queens List written for Prince Agrath from the Boldhome Knowledge Temple: Eneera Tor (born 1430, Feathered Horse Queen 1455 to 1535, Queen […]

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Guide to Glorantha Volume 1 Cover

The Guide has left the Building

Update: The Guide is back! Go to Chaosium.com. This is very bittersweet news for me. I just turned off sales of the physical copies of the Guide to Glorantha on www.glorantha.com. We’ve sold everything printed, shipping to over 40 countries. I’ve lugged boxes, processed tons of orders, and will dearly miss it, even if my […]

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Gods of Fonrit

A snippet from an old Jrusteli account of Fonrit. I’d date this to about 890 ST: Gods of Fonrit In Fonrit, the people worship demigods who they say restored the Cosmic Court of the God Time. My research has determined that these demigods sought to  restore the Golden Age; I believe they were partially successful, […]

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The Making of the Coming Storm cover

The Coming Storm is the next Glorantha book coming out – the first volume of a two volume epic campaign for HeroQuest set during the opening stages of the Hero Wars and leading up to the Liberation of Sartar. Jon Hodgson did the cover for the book, and I thought it might be interesting to […]

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Glorantha at PAX!

Glorantha will be at PAX Prime – this week! Come by our booth in room 206 (we are sharing with Pelgrane and Fire Opal Media) and grab your copy of HeroQuest Glorantha, King of Sartar, the Argan Argar Atlas, and Prince of Sartar.  And this is one of your last chances to get a copy […]

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Nochet, City of Queens

Nochet is City of Queens, the emerald jewel of Esrolia, and the greatest and most important city in the world. It is the favorite resting place of Esrola, and home to many thousands of gods and goddesses. Here Imarja granted the Charter of Nochet, which governs divinities and mortals alike; here Imarja gave the Grandmothers the […]

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Guide to Glorantha wins Silver ENnie for Best Cartography

Gen Con – The Guide to Glorantha picked up the 2015 Silver ENnie for Best Cartography at the awards ceremony tonight – congratulations to master mapmaker Colin Driver who was responsible for the amazing cartography! Many thanks and kudos go to all the artists and mapmakers involved in the project: Colin Driver, and Simon Bray, Bernard Bittler, Todd […]

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