Glorantha returns to Chaosium

We are proud to announce that Glorantha has returned home to And specifically, our store has moved over there. Browse our product catalogs for Glorantha store, HeroQuest store, and RuneQuest Store. will still remain and focus on all things Gloranthan. Note: We will migrate all orders from to accounts on Sadly, […]

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Tales of Mythic Adventure Episode 26 – Dustin Wright

MOB’s guest in the final ToMA episode for 2016 is Dustin Wright, “Chaosium dude since 1996“. When you order something from, need something sorted out, or want support for your convention, it’s Dustin who’s there to help, cheerfully at the front line. He also brought R.J. Ivankovic’s wonderful talents to the attention of Chaosium, […]

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Images used in the Cassilda's Song cover, by Steve Santiago

Tales of Mythic Adventure Episode 20 – Steven Santiago

MOB talks with illustrator Steve Santiago, creator of the extraordinarily striking cover image for the Chaosium anthology Cassilda’s Song. A life long fan of horror, science fiction and fantasy, Steve uses mixed media and photo manipulation in his art to incredible effect. You can see more of Steve’s work at his artist website: Cassilda’s Song has been nominated […]

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Cassilda's Song cover

Tales of Mythic Adventure Episode 18 – Joe Pulver

MOB talks to Joe Pulver, editor of the Chaosium anthology Cassilda’s Song: Tales Inspired by Robert W. Chambers King in Yellow Mythos, in contention for two World Fantasy Awards later this month (“Best Anthology” and “Best Short Story” for ‘The Neurastheniac’ by Selena Chambers). Cassilda’s Song has been described as “featuring a who’s who of […]

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