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ISS3007 - Arcane Lore Cover

Print the Stafford Library at

We at Moon Design Publishing are proud to announce that our eight current titles in the Stafford Library are available for purchase at You can search for Glorantha, or go directly to our Lulu storefront. Wait? I said all eight current titles. You are correct. Rick, our layout wizard, has performed his magic and […]

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HeroQuest Glorantha Pre-orders are now OPEN!

You can now pre-order HeroQuest Glorantha and get the PDF free to read while you wait for your book! HeroQuest Glorantha is the updated version of HeroQuest 2, specifically tailored to be both the rules book and the introduction to gaming in the setting of Glorantha. Everything you need to start a Gloranthan HeroQuest campaign […]

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The Gods War

This mystic diagram is from the House of Black Arkat in the Esrolian city of Arkat’s Hold. It depicts an Illuminate who has been guided by Arkat’s teachings to transcend the struggles of the Gods War. She is seated at the symbolic Axis Mundi and holds Arkat in her left hand. With her right hand […]

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HeroQuest Glorantha is nearly ready for release

Layout of HeroQuest Glorantha is FINISHED! And geez is this book beautiful. We are talking Guide to Glorantha level of beauty. The printed book will be 256 pages, color, and hardcover. It is the best Glorantha RPG rules book ever in terms of content and quality. Period. Not only is HeroQuest Glorantha an excellent introduction […]

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King of Sartar now available for pre-order

King of Sartar was, for me at least, the breakthrough book into understanding Glorantha and was (and still is) the foundational source for the Hero Wars. It also was a remarkable piece of experimental fiction – a collection of documents and sources written for the most part decades, even generations, after the events they describe and assembled many centuries later by scholars […]

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Sartar Free Army

The look of the Sartarites and Praxians really gets to be on display in our forthcoming books. These are their own peoples, and it is wonderful to be working with artists like Jan Pospisil who help bring them to life. This piece depicts followers of Argrath White Bull who have brought a high-status Lunar captive from […]

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A few notes on the God Time history of mortals

Glorantha in the God Time progressed from a Green Age to a Golden Age to a Storm Age and then to its near destruction in the Great Darkness. Mortals experienced this as well, and if anyone was curious, here’s some thoughts about that: Green Age: no need for shelter. Humanity was provided for by the […]

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