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Guide to Glorantha nominated for four ENnies 2015

The Guide to Glorantha has been nominated for four ENnies: Best Cartography Best Production Value Best Setting Product of the Year To say we are excited about this would be as much of an understatement as saying “Harrek the Berserk is a bit temperamental.” However, for the Guide to win any of these nominations, you […]

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Esrolian Queens List

1. Bruvala (ruled 1461 to 1510). Called the High Queen, the Great, or the Mother of Queens, Bruvala was the greatest queen of Esrolia since the Second Age. She was born in 1441 to House Norinel. She married 15 men, and at one time maintained 5 husbands. She had 23 children (8 women, 15 males), including three […]

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Tales of Mythic Adventure Podcast – Episode 5 – Season 1

Guest: David Dunham Thirty Seven Years of Glorantha 0:20-8:30 Introduction to David Dunham. David used to be Jeff Richard’s neighbour in Ballard in Seattle, where they were both members of the gaming group known as the Seattle Farmer’s Collective. The name “Seattle Farmer’s Collective” was originally meant to be uncomplimentary; as it was felt that […]

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