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Tales of Mythic Adventure Podcast – Episode 5 – Season 1

Guest: David Dunham Thirty Seven Years of Glorantha 0:20-8:30 Introduction to David Dunham. David used to be Jeff Richard’s neighbour in Ballard in Seattle, where they were both members of the gaming group known as the Seattle Farmer’s Collective. The name “Seattle Farmer’s Collective” was originally meant to be uncomplimentary; as it was felt that […]

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Notes on Illumination in the Second Age

Ralios and Seshnela In 450 “Arkat” emerged triumphant from Dorastor, and returned to Ralios (actually Fornoar). There he lived a simple, ascetic life, farming and teaching, until his apotheosis in 500. His students dominated Ralios afterwards, seeking to prevent others from misusing Arkat’s (and Nysalor’s) secrets and teaching new generations of students to carry on […]

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