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Guide to Glorantha Volume 1 Cover

The Guide has left the Building

Update: The Guide is back! Go to This is very bittersweet news for me. I just turned off sales of the physical copies of the Guide to Glorantha on We’ve sold everything printed, shipping to over 40 countries. I’ve lugged boxes, processed tons of orders, and will dearly miss it, even if my […]

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Step 8

Busy with the Guide

You’ve probably noticed that Rick and I have been so quiet over the last two weeks. Rick has been extremely busy with layout. Getting the Heavens Corrupted plates and the Historical Atlas plates right turned out to be a far more massive piece of work than expected. On the home front, Claudia and I just […]

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GenCon 2013 Future of Glorantha Seminar

And our second one, the GenCon 2013 Future of Glorantha Seminar, starring Jeff Richard and Lawrence Whitaker. See what is coming for Glorantha, RuneQuest and HeroQuest. They share great information about the Moon Design and Design Mechanism product pipelines. Check it out: or watch it on YouTube – Future of Glorantha Gen Con 2013 Seminar Join […]

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User Migration

We have migrated all users from to You will need to reset your password (and you should receive an email about that). With the ID created, we can give you access to your PDF purchase history from the old site. Note: You will not receive any more email from the site after the […]

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New Web Site

We have a new home! Late on Thursday, Augst 22st 2013 we are migrating fully over to the new from the site we have been on for several years. With the acquisition of the rights to Glorantha, Moon Design is going to fully focus on Greg Stafford’s amazing world and we needed to showcase it. […]

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