Neil Robinson

Neil RobinsonThe newest member of the Moon Design Publications triumvirate, Neil has been a supporter of Glorantha for two decades. His credits include co-authoring the LARPs Orkarl’s Bull, The Fall of the House of Malan, and Between the Dragon and the Deep Blue Sea.  Neil was also the publisher of the Enclosure fanzine and the key driver behind GloranthaCon V in held in Victoria, Canada in 1997.

Neil is based out of Moon Design West, focusing on the business operations that keep Moon Design Publications and running.

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  1. Dominic Swan August 31, 2015 at 8:33 pm #

    Postage from the US to Europe is deadly.

    But is it possible to order books for delivery at the Kraken Gaming Retreat in Germany in October, to cut down that cost?


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