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Jeff Richard is the editor-in-chief and creative director for Moon Design Publications and the lead Glorantha writer. He’s the co-author (with Greg Stafford) of many Gloranthan publications including Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, the Sartar Companion and Pavis: Gateway to Adventure. He is the project manager and lead writer of the Guide to Glorantha and HeroQuest Glorantha. Jeff is also a co-author of Blood on the Snow published by Pelgrane Press.

Jeff and Bender

Born in California, long-term resident of Seattle, Jeff is rumored to now reside in fortified bunker somewhere deep in Berlin.

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  1. Joe McCleskey June 23, 2015 at 8:37 pm #

    Hello Jeff,

    Don’t you love it when someone begins a comment with the phrase, “With all due respect”, then lowers the boom with their next statement?

    With all due respect –

    The audio quality of your side of the conversation in the Tales of Mythic Adventure podcast is terrible. Listening to your conversation with MOB is literally painful, as I turn up the volume to hear what you’re saying and then have to turn it down again when MOB speaks.

    It sounds as though you are using a very shoddy microphone on your side, and possibly MOB is using a better one. The simplest solution therefore would be for you to up your game in the microphone department. This would make it much easier for engineer Rob to mix the two sources in a way that doesn’t assault the ear so dreadfully.

    My suggestion for you is to invest in the Audio-Technical AT2020 USB mic, which is very easy to use as you simply plug it directly into the computer’s USB port. I have used it successfully in a number of professional audio gigs, and I think you – and more importantly your listeners – would be delighted with the results. The mic retails for $150 but is pretty easy to find for about $100.

    I love what you have done with Glorantha in the print world – please keep up the good work – but recognize that like it or not you are a broadcaster now, and a $100 investment is really not so much to ask to give your podcast a more professional sound.

    Best of luck,

    Joe McCleskey
    30 years in Glorantha, 20 years in professional audio and video production

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