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 We here at Moon Design Publications want you to be able to use HeroQuest as your rules engine for your game setting, be it science fiction, high fantasy, horror, westerns, martial arts, or anything else. To facilitate this, we are enabling you to publish your own non-Gloranthan game material using the HeroQuest rules engine without paying us royalties or negotiating cumbersome or intrusive license agreements.

We created the HeroQuest Gateway License to let you do just that.


Just follow the steps listed below:

  1. Read the HeroQuest Gateway License Agreement.
  2. If you agree to the terms, mail us a signed copy of the HeroQuest Gateway Statement of Acceptance. Attach a short description of what you propose to publish.
  3. We’ll email you when we get your Statement of Acceptance. Assuming we have no further questions, you license will become automatically effective fourteen days later. Congratulation! You are in business.
  4. You need to comply with the terms of the HeroQuest Gateway License, which means – among other things – you will need to put the HQ Gateway logo on the back cover and on the page with all the legalese.  Read the whole agreement, since you have to carefully follow the provisions of the licensing agreement (don’t worry it is only six pages long).
  5. Finally, you publish your product, you will need to send Moon Design three print copies and one electronic copy.

There are two explicit caveats to this license:

  1.  No permission is granted under the HeroQuest Gateway License to publish any Gloranthan material.
  2. You shall not use anyone else’s intellectual property without their permission.

Important Documents:

Licensed Gateway Products

D101 Games has already announced that it will be releasing a number of HeroQuest supplements in various genres. Check out the D101 Games website!

Mark Galeotti’s Mythic Russia is a game of roleplaying with the HeroQuest game system in the ancient Russia of legend and folktale, a land of glittering onion-domed churches and dark, dangerous forests, home to heroes, fiends — and the flame-feathered firebird.

Glorantha Fan Materials

The Gateway License does not cover Gloranthan publications, as all professional Gloranthan HeroQuest publications must be done by Moon Design Publications. However, if you want to make Gloranthan Fan Materials, check out the  Fan Material Policy!

Licensed Glorantha Fanzines

There are several licensed publishers of Gloranthan fan material:

Hearts in Glorantha

Hearts in Glorantha is the Gloranthan fanzine of Newt Newport (publisher of D101 Games), and covers the 2nd and 3rd Age of Glorantha. Two issues every year, Summer and Winter.


Tradetalk is the Gloranthan fanzine of the Chaos Society.

The Zin Letters

The Zin Letters is the English-language Gloranthan fanzine of Kalikos – the Finnish Gloranthan Society.

If you are interested begin licensed, just contact us.



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