The Lunar Army in the Holy Country

The Lunar Army in the Holy Country
Last little Lunar army snippet from the Guide, just to give an idea how many Lunars are actually committed to the theatre in the Holy Country.
Fazzur Wideread invaded the Holy Country in 1619, with more than 25,000 soldiers, constituting of the bulk of the Provincial Army and supplemented by many Heartland regiments. At the start of 1621, the Lunar army is preparing to invade Esrolia, while Tatius the Bright has been given command of the siege of Whitewall by the Red Emperor personally.
BTW, what is not spelled out explicitly in that blurb is that Fazzur invades with virtually the entire Lunar Army of Dragon Pass (since Sartar is considered pacified). For those who want even more information, Fazzur invades with about 9500 Provincial Infantry, 3000 Heartland infantry, 2400 Provincial Cavalry, 5000 Heartland Cavalry, 800 Siege and Supply specialists, 1300 Provincial priests and guards, and 3500 magicians and guards from the Lunar College of Magic.
What is left in Sartar is merely enough to guard supply lines and to bolster Prince Temertain. Fazzur relies upon his network of client kings to keep order. The Crimson Bat is brought to Sartar in 1619 to remind hotheads of the price of rebellion before being sent to Whitewall in 1620.

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