Mythic Adventure

Myths and stories are the core of every world, especially a fantasy one like Glorantha.

Role-playing Supplements

If you want to run a role-playing game in Glorantha, then is the place to be. They include campaign settings, scenarios, and lots of city and religion details. The supplements are very rule-light (if they have rules at all), and although focused on HeroQuest can easily be used with any gaming system.

Rule systems

Glorantha can experienced through many roleplaying systems, and is gaming system agnostic. But of all the systems, there are two that were developed with, and for, Glorantha. We encourage you to find the one that best suits your playing style and use that one.

Gloranthan Classics

It isn't fair to call these reprints. Glorantha classics take RQ2 publications, add lots of extra details and information and repackage them in large master-packs. They are compatible with RuneQuest 6, and can be easily modified to be used with HeroQuest as well.

Stafford Library

The Stafford Library is for both role-players and Gloranthan scholars. These are Greg's writings untainted by a specific gaming system. Some have excellent background materials, and others detail the mythic underpinning. If you want to see the original writings that lead to the development of our favorite gaming world, look no further. We sell PDFs for the Stafford Library, but if you want them printed, please visit our Lulu store.

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The Vault

The Vault

The Vault is where we keep out-of-print and uncanonical products. Most of these products are not part of the official Gloranthan canon, and once they are gone, they won’t come back in stock. PDFs will remain available.

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