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    The Malkioni have a myth about the invasion of their lands by Solkathi that involved Beakies. Whether these were hapless keets carried along from the East Islands or durulz actively aiding that sea deity isn’t entirely clear, but any durulz willing to prove it will be able to use that myth for sailing (or actually swimming along a vessel, pushing it, as that seems to be their way on the Creekstream River) in Solkathi Sea at least with some friendship. After the Opening, doing so would have to involve a variation of the Dormal rites, too.

    Their relation to the Sea Gods is sort of mixed. Their ancestral homelands were mostly drowned by the first invasions of the seas. The Genertelan durulz appear to have lost their roots in those homelands, though, possibly washed away by the waters whose ways they adopted afterwards. They definitely do not trace their ancestry to either Triolina (mother of sea folk) or Mirintha (mother of sea animals). Their similarity to water fowl may be both grounds for friendship or for intense rivalry.

    The uz have a tradition of black galleys both below Shadow Plateau and around Third Age Jrustela. Jeset, ferryman of the dead, is the first uz venturing on water, all subsequent naval uz include him in their worship much like all human sailors have roots in Diros.


    After the Starbrow Rebellion, so sometime between 1613 an 1614. IIRC the reward was a year tax exemption, no cash.


    River traffic on the Creekstream River works fine downriver, but is a pain without serious magical support when moving upriver. The Skyfall provides about the same amount of freshwater as the entire Amazonas catchment basin, if I had to make anestimate, but does so at much greater slope, and in a narrower channel. My personal image of the river is that of the Saltstraumen near Bodoe between the tides, with the middle of the waterway about 5 feet above the sides, and heavy turbulences along the shores. I had the opportunity to watch arusty steamer flash past me at about 50mph just to kep rudder control. At the same time a boat with 4×90 horse strength outboard motors didn’t manage to get more than slow walking speed against that current.

    Transshipping to Karse makes some sense, but Karse has a seagoing port every bit as accessible as Nochet if you don’t travel by Waertagi cityship. Rather than going through customs twice, I would expect a majority of captains to concentrate on only one of these ports.


    The same cosmopolitan influence can be said about the Grazelands. The roads may be worse, but for Esrolian traders, the riverine leg to New Crystal or even further upriver might be an alternative to the well-established road network of Esrolia (missing on your map). As far as overseas goods are concerned, Sartar gets the trade from Karse while the trade from Nochet is more likely to go through the Grazelands.

    I would like to stress that Sartarite cities and tribal seats on the major roads may well be somewhat cosmopolitan (in as far as Orlanthi can be said to be cosmopolitan), but the rural backwaters are just that. A cottar’s home won’t really reflect much of the crossroads effect, though probably slightly more than his vendref cousin’s home in the Grazelands.

Viewing 4 posts - 121 through 124 (of 124 total)

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