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    Hannu Kokko

    …and overall it is just a set of rules mechanics… It has not got so far into the way of enjoyable even epic game moments and has helped with many.

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    Hannu Kokko

    It seems gaming groups can vary. I have old timers from our first games in the 70s and also newcomers to RQ who are in their twenties in the same group.

    All of them seem to love and hoard the luck points. They seem to like special effects. They are looking for every augment they can get – passion, situational, anything goes. Nobody seems to miss the old fumble table – special effects do just fine.

    I do not think it is universally accepted that RQ6 has nerfed the power levels and game works best for low/mid -> we used to play Rq3 at 130-150% range after the longest campaign and the fights at that level start to be very broken and most often non cinematic slugfests – allnighters some time or actually often of the time. This seems to be mostly gone with Rq6 even though we do not have yet people over 100% in skills without augments – with augments yes. RQ6 almost every fight can turn to be cinematic and IMHO much more heroic with game mechanics than 95% of the fights – we had heroic fights in Rq3 but heroism game from mostly roleplaying (where it should come as well but good mechanics help). There is no such thing as a safe and sure fight. I feel that the fights are most satisfying and memorable with RQ6 rules than with the old ones.

    I do not miss the old editions of rules at all. This is the best generation of rules so far and it is plenty of good rock’n roll. I expect that when the players get regularly above 100% in skills and to high rune levels the game will still stay enjoyable. There is plenty of danger and options…

    The game mechanics are there – this is RQ6 – I am rolling with it and it works just fine – best generation of the rules In case I need a tweak – I may do so, so far only one tiny tweak to the rules and I am getting regularly returning group of players…

    If a scenario or encounter is not heroic enough – it is relatively easy to crank up the opposition…

    I expect to get also high level adventures in the Gloranthan future (I loved most if not all of the old ones) but I would say there are some encounters for example in Monster Island that can be epic – and I run that in Glorantha.

    Our Gloranthas and RQs Will Vary…

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    Hannu Kokko

    I guess spirits are meant to be devastating – a different kind of opposition. If you have not prepared for them by having the right spells available or having a shaman with you – you should be at disadvantage…

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    Hannu Kokko

    By all means have a house rule for that if you think it is necessary.

    The bleeding is easily countered with folk magic Heal or it encourages you into other strategies like mentioned in my post above which I think is a good thing as it means that fights will end sooner rather than later.

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    Hannu Kokko

    “That seems to be RQ6 in a nutshell. “1 pt damage got past your armor? I take Bleed for my combat effect. You lose.”

    It requires opposed roll of “Endurance” against the original attack roll. So there is hope for the defender. With Bat the endurance is 2000+ so it is unlikely to fail – possible but unlikely.

    For others it means that make sure your Endurance is great as well and use the time you have left well.
    Use Heal (as it will stop all bleeding)

    If you fail and cannot heal for many it means that assure your lines of communication are open, turn towards them and advance at maximum speed throwing cannon fodder and decoys while retreating… Outmanoeuvre, overextend/trip/compel surrender – use of retreat spells (mobility, darkness etc), use of spirits to counterattack the attacker and prevent him from attacking. Good tactician makes sure that the group is not cut off or vulnerable to pursuit as much as possible. Sometimes you might want to have a rearguard sacrificing themselves to hold the enemy while the key people even if badly wounded escape.

    If the defender cannot retreat then you need to vanquish your opponent in 4th round.

    Depending on the original fatigue state it will take first to winded = 2nd round – you get the hard penalty – not too bad.

    3rd round = Tired -> hard penalty and movement minus

    4th round it starts to hurt = Wearied -> Formidable (by half) this starts to hurt a bit depending on the skill level and slows you down in strike rank etc

    5th round Exhausted -> skills by half, take away one action point (this is bad), strike rank is down as well plus movement

    6th round Debilitated -> skills to one tenths. Take away two action points = really bad.

    7th round Incapacitated – the opponent is pretty much out as action points are down by three…

    So up to and including the 5th the attacker still needs to survive.

    With Crimson Bat on the 4th and fifth the bat still has 184% chance to hit with 15d12+6d10. Most opponents are likely to be demoralised from the chaos shriek (212 willpower vs Endurance). According to some stats it cannot be surprised and it is immune to magic… Bat only has 85 armour and 240+ hit points per location. I guess bat would like to drop the opponents or do something nasty to them – Bat is also rarely alone… Bat is very hard and might require luck/bad luck also to destroy

    RQ6 – so many opportunities and angles… Let the discussion continue…

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    Hannu Kokko

    Most likely one might get more (definite) answers in the design mechanism forums about rules but there are many of us here as well…

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    Hannu Kokko

    ..Just noticed that you mentioned awesome power ghosts in there. 6 points is definitely huge and a number of them is frightening. Most likely that caliber ghosts will roll over any spirit shield as they will likely have really high willpower vs casters folk magic. That would require very high skills to protect against with Spirit Resistance and Spirit Block. For spirit resistance to block you would need to have intensity 11… You would likely want to have some magnitude to protect the spell

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    Hannu Kokko

    Some thoughts about spirits

    regarding spirit shield – you only force the spirit to have willpower test to enter. So the spirit is not completely shut off unless the willpowers are very unequal. spirit shield is also one of the spells that change for Glorantha with AiG.

    Spirit resistance is powerful – blocks the spirit but it requires success with sorcery and leaks magic power. If you want to nerf that you could say that spirit resistance is not compatible with damage resistance. Players usually prefer damage resistance but in this case having spirit resistance really protects you so you can fight against the other monsters around but without the damage resistance. If they pick the other way round they are defenceless against the physical magic. Really nasty ghosts might have neutralise magic or dismiss magic spells though. Having multiple targets of spirit resistance can take quite some time and manna… So for having 4 targets with magnitude 3 to protect the spell you would actually need medium high shaping skill and bit of time plus medium high invocation skill. It also burns at least 3 magic points. Spirits depending on their abilities might fade away and come back once they detect that magic goes away – multiple futile attacks and then successful. You might also want to limit the kind of shaping that is available to sorcery school – one of them might be not to have multiple targets…

    Of course you can always have really large spirits if you have high power campaign.

    Spirit Block is powerful but there again you start to need higher skills from the acolyte to protect from medium size spirits (3 intensity). You might also want to nerf the spirit block by making it incompatible with Shield and absorption/backlash

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    Hannu Kokko

    “The true game killer is bleed. Everyone quickly learns you take Bleed every time you get a combat maneuver if you want to emerge victorious and not have to roll up a new PC. As a GM, I have to be very careful about taking Bleed. The death toll would be insane if I took it any chance I got. Players would have no continuity with their characters. ”

    I have not found bleed to be game changer so far in our campaign since RQ6 was published. Our fights are usually over by the time bleed would make any difference. I can think of situation where party is clearly outnumbered and having very large number of bleeds possibly could make bleed dangerous. What are the situations where you find bleed powerful? I would like to learn the tactical situation…

    I did make house rule that choose location can be done only with critical.

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    Hannu Kokko

    More Sea Monsters of Glorantha

    Here are few more sea monsters for RQ Encounter Generator inspired by the excellent Hearts In Glorantha Collection, volume 1.

    Giant Sea Worm (Underdecker)
    Shadow Squid
    Ludoch Lancers Guard riding Hippocampi
    Ghoul Sailor
    Ghoul Sailor – Ship’s Officer
    Ghoul Ship party
    More Sea Monsters are available here

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    Hannu Kokko

    Thanks. It would not be possible without the great work done by the developer skoll who made it possible for this to be such flexible and easy to use application for the creation.

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    Hannu Kokko

    Sea Monsters of Glorantha – Brief Overview

    Summer is the time for frolicking in the sea. Here are a few sea monsters for RQ Encounter Generator inspired by an article about prehistoric sea monsters.

    – Megalodon – a Giant Shark
    – Liopleurodon – Carnivorous Sea Reptile
    – Basilosaurus – Carnivorous Whale
    – Sea Scorpion
    – Dunkleosteus – Armored Fish
    – Kronosaur
    – Helicoprion – Buzzsaw Shark , young adult
    – Livyatan – Carnivorous Whale
    – Giant Stingray

    There are of course others

    -Assassin Conch
    -Great Barracuda
    -Great Dragonfish
    -Crab, Giant
    -Clam, Giant
    -Devouring Fangtooth
    -Giant Eel
    -Giant Jellyfish
    -Kraken Weed
    -Placoderm, Great Tiger
    -Sea Serpent
    -Sea Dragon
    -Savanger – Bloodbird
    -Tiger Turtle
    -White Shark
    and or course Zeech, the Slithering Whale

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    Hannu Kokko

    Compel surrender special effect? Force Failure? Special effects might help here…

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    Hannu Kokko

    I have exactly the same issue… Talisman might be ok – God learnerim that Emmanuel mentioned does not sound too appealing

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    Hannu Kokko

    Game Night supported by RQ6 Encounter tool

    RQ Encounter Generator provides you a way to very quickly generate evenings worth of encounters for your RQ6 game session. There are more than 1900 distinct encounter templates for enemies and hundreds of different ready made party encounters. There are multiple ways of using the floor for preparing.

    A. Using it on the fly

    You need to have internet connection and preferably a printer available.

    Find an enemy or party using the search tools

    1. filter by category

    2. search with any word and/or opponent skill level

    3. browse or press “Do you feel lucky”

    4. Generate

    5. Save to a location of your choice or just print or use the pdf.

    This might cause a disruption in the flow of your session so what I do usually is as follows.

    B. Preparing for the session before hand

    Sometimes you are preparing for a session well before the players come in. Sometimes it is half an hour or even less. The following approach is fit for both but of course you will have more time to think about the results of your preparation if you do it for example in the previous night.

    I usually use loopy planning defined by Johnn Four which I have had very good experience so far.

    Step 1 – the search

    What I have usually done – for an evenings’ game I create pdf’s out of the usual suspects of the area I am playing in – using the filtering and searching. I take care to look at the hanging threads and the plans of the enemies (loopy planning) when I am searching for encounters.

    I might mark a few search results as favorites. I might filter with a keyword and press “Do you feel lucky” a few times and create pdf’s out of those.

    For example if I would need different kind of plants I would print out the “Not really a rose garden” – same for dinosaurs.

    For a city I print out a bar and a market plus some random law enforcement and villains, a temple or two.

    Usually it is enough to generate 2 or 3 encounters worth of enemies per terrain type or hanging thread. If the encounters are not rabble or underlings it might be hard to go thru more than a few robust melees or adverse encounters in an evening.

    Step 2 – keeping the results

    Usually I print the generated enemies out as I probably need to mark hit points down while fight goes on.

    I keep a list of recurring enemies (the ones they did not manage to kill the first time round or that have hanging threads from previous session etc) in Evernote or Dropbox or printed out on a folder.

    It is quite rare that I cannot live with these printouts as it is difficult during an evening session to go thru more than a few melees

    Step 3 – adhoc

    Sometimes during a game I need certain kind of enemy that I did not prepare for – I search for it and print it out from my iPad to a local printer.

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