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    David Scott

    Other than what Christoph has pointed to, there is no errata for these products. Other than the covers, the only corrections were punctuation, spelling and a few minor errors. If you find any errors please use this form

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    David Scott

    Hi, there are a few small errors that have crept in since I wrote the examples.

    In Meeting with the Queen it should say:

    The base difficulty is 14 plus W2 (for being Nearly Impossible), bringing the difficulty to 14W2.

    Page 84 CLIMACTIC SCENE VICTORY LEVEL – the table is wrong – hurt gives a minor victory

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    David Scott

    Or more recently – “Goats are considered religiously unclean and are never eaten, and rarely even tolerated.” In the Orlanthi section of the Guide p36

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    David Scott

    I tried it years ago when a group of us were look at alternatives to Greg’s Glorantha the Game. I produced an alternative based on TORG but it was very cumbersome. And it was for RQ/pendragon. In the end it didn’t really add anything to the game, so I dropped it. Currently I’m looking at hillfolk cards for HQ games especially for NPC motivations.

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    David Scott

    It will take me a little time to answer your all spirit magic questions as i’m busy. The HQG spirit magic rules were extensively tested in my ongoing Praxian campaigns, they also form the core of the Praxian book from where they came. However sometimes stuff does get left or edited out by accident. That does muddy the waters a bit.

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    David Scott

    Hi, i’ll check the text later to see if the relevant part is missing. In the meantime gifted charms work so:

    • They are standalone starting at 13 unless the hero has the spirit rune.
    • The taboo is at the value of the charm.
    • The taboo is created by the player in cooperation with the other player and GM per the rules.
    • The charm is actually made with the hero present. The old idea of the shaman with a bag of charms for sale doesn’t really exist now. The shaman has the materials to hand and can get a spirit easily to put in it. He also negotiates between the hero and the spirit its needs – the taboo. It’s actually a mini ritual.

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    David Scott

    Each Godday of Death week is a seasonal holy day and festival. On these holy days there is a knotting and blessing ceremony where new things are tied in to the Wastelands.

    Each holy day at dawn, gathered initiates chant the Song of Rising Waha:

    Waha, Waha
    The herds are our life blood, we would die for them
    Waha, Waha
    Our Khan’s are the chosen ones, we would die for them
    Waha, Waha
    Our boys are our future, we would die for them
    Waha, Waha
    Our families are precious, we would die for them
    Waha, Waha
    Our ancestors are wise, we would die for them
    Waha, Waha
    Waha is all, we would die for him
    Waha, Waha

    At all rituals and ceremonies, food and drink is offered to the society’s spirits. Blessed knotwork is often left at the site of ceremonies.

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    David Scott

    games master was just a posting typo of mine, obviously it’s game master.

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    David Scott

    Mark (@spartan), if you bought your PDF as a registered user not a guest, you can always download it again via your account. This is pretty standard across most PDF stores (in my experience). As for updates and errata: The only real changes that have happened were for Sartar and it’s companion – the covers changed and there were minor text changes, where errors were found. PDF buyers could download the update, as I mentioned. This hasn’t really happened with any other product. As for errata, it’s our intention to put it on this site when we can under the relevant section. e.g:
    and for example

    Most of the products don’t have errata as we haven’t found any (spelling and grammar aside).
    The Guide is new and huge, so expect to see some at some point.

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    David Scott

    This thread over at matbe of interest:

    here’s my list of changes from the thread, you may also like to take a look at Newt’s excellent review:

    As one of the writers for HeroQuest Glorantha, it’s more about expansion rather than change. The rules themselves have changed very little and you can continue using HQ2 with little or no work. From memory here are the basic changes:

    • High roll wins is the default rule rather than an option.
    • Minor change in difficulty levels – very high is +W not +9
    • Minor change in Base value table session increments
    • As you go is the default system for character creation

    Terminology has has also changed, but that’s not so important (I can’t now remember most of them 🙂

    • Narrator becomes Games Master
    • Benefits of Victory
    • Consequences of Defeat

    The real meat is the that the magic systems are all in one place and complete:

    • Rune Magic (theism) from Sartar KoH has been edited for clarity.
    • Spirit Magic has overhauled completely based on the work I’ve done for the Prax book.
    • Sorcery from Pavis: GtA has been tweaked and updated. It reflects the Xeotam Dialogues. A minor rules change is that Grimoires are the breakout and their spells have no value (taking of course the grimoires breakout value).eg

    Law Rune 5W
    (water) Debaldan Grimoire: this grimoire contains spells pertaining to the seas and water vessels. +1
    (water, harmony) Calm Waters combines Water with Harmony to calm the waters within earshot of the caster, making its surface placid.

    • Lunar Magic from Pavis has been edited for clarity. The mechanics have been completed and the New Gods added.
    • There is no mysticism magic system obviously.


    • Cultures have been expanded. You can now play Sartarites, Esrolians, Praxians and Lunars.
    • Cults have been broadened to reflect the wider area covered. Their rune descriptions edited to reflect this.
    • Mixed magic systems are detailed (Waha).
    • This not not replace previous HQ2 cult writeups as those are area specific.

    Other stuff

    • Examples are all Gloranthan.
    • Has a bestiary
    • Has heroquest examples
    • Has a cool adventure that is adaptable to the cultures presents that contains a heroquest.

    Here’s the basic ToC for the GenCon preview (unedited and just cut and pasted):

    Introduction 4
    The World of Glorantha 7
    The Runes 10
    Dragon Pass and Environs 14
    Timeline for the Dragon Pass Region 22
    Creating Your Hero 23
    Create a Hero As-You-Go 24
    Game Mechanics 41
    Rules for Contests 45
    Simple Contest 45
    Consequences 47
    Group Simple Contest 51
    Extended Contests 54
    Group Extended Contests 59
    Samastina’s Saga: The Battle of Auroch Hills 63
    Tactical Options 74
    Hero Points 78
    Recovery and Healing 79
    Running Contests 80
    Assigning Difficulty 85
    The Pass/Fail Cycle 88
    Gloranthan Communities 91
    Gaming Tips 98
    Magic and Cults 100
    Basic Magic 102
    Spirit Magic 102
    The Praxian Tradition 105
    Rune Magic 107
    Ernalda 113
    Orlanth 116
    The Seven Lightbringers 120
    Issaries 121
    Humakt 124
    Waha 128
    Sorcery 132
    Lhankor Mhy 135
    Lunar Magic 139
    The Seven Mothers 145
    Heroquesting 149
    Types of Heroquests 155
    Gloranthan Creatures 157
    Elder Races 157
    Lesser Elder Races 159
    Animals 161
    Monsters 162
    Spirits 163
    Chaos Horrors 164
    Gaming in Glorantha 167
    Sample Adventure Theme 169
    Appendixes 176
    Appendix A: Calendar 176
    Appendix B: Equipment 178
    Appendix C: Languages in the Dragon Pass Region 182
    Appendix D: Glossary 183
    Appendix E: Bibliography 185
    Appendix F: Other Gloranthan material 186
    Appendix G: Quick Reference

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    David Scott

    start by putting into the top right search box

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    David Scott

    I think they are still scary, framing the contest is an important part of HQ2 – so although they are affected by magic not all of it’s going to be effective. Clearly Rune magic based upon Fire, Earth, Water, Death, Disorder and Air are going to be good, but Life, Harmony, Darkness (freeze them maybe), Movement, Stasis, etc are going have little effect if your players are not imaginative enough (mine would try until they died). Charms and spells are going to be hard to use unless directly relevant. Charms that make arrows more accurate like In the Eye – aren’t going to work. I’d probably run a Gorp fight as Group Simple contest as it’s likely to panic them more. Gorp are the slow creating chaos death, and you can always add a few more…

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    David Scott

    Website docs are now working. There was bug in the document software that has now been fixed.

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    David Scott

    The Guide to Glorantha page 441 should answer your question, top right corner.

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    David Scott

    Going back to the source (RuneQuest 2 page 81) and then HQ2ing it

    An amorphous blob of protoplasm. Gorp attacks by moving next to a victim and trying to enveloped it. Anyone caught by the gorp may become enmeshed and digestion by acid then begins. Armor will protect the character until it is eaten away. Gorp can only be killed by fire or magic. Weapons will just pass through it, taking damage from its digestive juices. Because of its acidic nature, acid has no effect on it at all. A gorp has a 10% chance of having a Chaotic feature.

    So any magic you can convince your GM that would effect them you can use or burn it. I’d allow players to blow them to bits with wind magic, Earth magic to crush them, Water magic to dilute them to nothing, Change magic to metamorphose them to something else, etc. Fire and Fire magics are obvious.

    Bohemond (@aelarsenmac-com), note that it’s all magic that can effect them. It just being Disruption is a mechanical holdover from RQ as it was one of the few spells that reduced hit points.

    As for their difficulty level, as normal it should depend on what you want the outcome to be (and/or the pass-fail cycle). I’d certainly allow the Storm Bull warrior in our group to wade through them with her anti-chaos augmented sword with a difficulty of simple/easy, but the Herders get it harder.

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