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Archived Glorantha Discussions from Moondesign.com

Archive of old Glorantha Discussions

David Scott September 16, 2013 March 30, 2017
Glorantha Core Rune Font

The Glorantha Core Font is used by Moon Design in their publications. It is a compilation of the most useful […]

David Scott June 16, 2013 January 27, 2016 font, Runes
Errata – Guide to Glorantha


David Scott July 29, 2015 August 7, 2015 errata, Guide to Glorantha
Errata – Revealed Mythologies

Page 12 and 17 The maps for middle and late Fourth Action have been swapped. Page 39 Footnotes 27, 28, […]

David Scott March 2, 2014 July 29, 2015 errata, Revealed Mythologies

A list of all Moon Design Publications and Issaries Inc products, including additional downloads, the product index, and errata. Glorantha […]

David Scott August 20, 2013 July 14, 2015
Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes

Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes Index Sartar Clan Generation Questionnaire Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes Player Handouts Errata for Sartar: for Kingdom […]

David Scott June 16, 2013 July 14, 2015
Ernaldan Initiation Rites

by Greg Stafford All people in the Heortling society undergo a magical initiation into adulthood, which includes full participation in […]

David Scott June 16, 2013 August 14, 2014
Vingkotling Myths

A few Vingkotling Myths from the The Book of Heortling Mythology Vingkotling Age Vingkot was famous for allying with the On […]

David Scott May 21, 2014 May 21, 2014 Vinkotling
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