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    No. If I’m happy with it, I’ll buy it.

    If I wish it had been written another way, I will not buy it anyway.

    There are quite a few items I haven’t bought. If the product goes off in a direction I don’t like, I won’t purchase it. That would be self-defeating. I certainly won’t be able to encourage the production of products in a style I prefer by buying everything else that gets produced. And of course, if it’s a product I don’t like, I’d be foolish to buy it anyway and let it sit on the shelf unread.

    So, no. The poster’s statement is incorrect. I will buy supplements that I’m interested in, and will not support those that I’m not interested in.

    Quote from Simon Phipp on December 11, 2013, 23:01

    Quote from Hannu Kokko on December 11, 2013, 20:49
    🙂 The Powers That Be at the Moon Design have a hard crowd to please…

    At best, everyone will be happy and will buy it.

    At worst, some people will wish they had written it in a different way but will buy it anyway.

    We may complain but we always buy the supplements.

    Umm, no.


    Good news, they set it up for me.


    Me, me! I am an unabashed RQ2 fan! I prefer its take on things to all that followed, although when I run it I dial down the rules somewhat to make things move faster.

    And I have to say (again) that Loz’ attitude towards other rules systems is amazingly open-minded, and I really appreciate that. I’ve even joined a PBP RQ6 game as a player, although his take on the rules isn’t my preference. The success of RQ6 can only help the BRP/d100 family of games, and hopefully Gloranthan gaming as well.


    Thanks for the response. I’ll probably wait for the fix though.


    Sorry if I had difficulty following the Future of Glorantha recording, but I have a question. At the base level for the book, does it include the gods of the nomads of Prax? Thanks.


    Might I ask what VASSAL is?


    I would be interested in these pdfs too!


    I remain interested in Openquest 2nd ed as a possible alternative to my beloved-but-a-little-crunchy Chaosium RQ 2. Looking forward to hearing more as OQ2 and the conversion guide become available!

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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