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    I’m re-reading the HQ 2 rules system with a view to running a small game with my kids at some point.

    However I’m a bit lost with the proliferation of source materials spread over multiple systems.

    What source materials are currently recommended for use with the HQ2 rules systems? Are all the older Sartar Rising source materials still relevant? or is Sartar: Kingdom of heroes more appropriate? Or just wait till the Guide is released?

    I can understand that from a purely background material point of view they’re all still useful, but I’m looking for something I can use to get started. HQ2 is a great rules system but it’s trying to be a one-shop, fits-all-genres system whereas I’m looking for something specifically Gloranthan fantasy based. Combat, magic and social interplay particularly.

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    Peter Metcalfe

    Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes/Sartar Companion is the best for Sartar under HQ2 with S:KoH giving the guidance for magic in glorantha. Thunder Rebels/Storm Tribe/Barbarian Adventures and Orlanth is Dead! is still good for the most part. The same goes for the RQ2 reprints. If you want to play in Pavis or want some Lunar HQ2 stuff, then Pavis: Gateway to Adventure is recommended.

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    Phil Nicholls

    Hi Guest,

    As Peter says, the Sartar books are the best background material to use.

    However, to counter the generic nature of HQ2, you may find that the original HeroQuest rules are useful. Apart from the Combat, most of the rules are much the same as HQ2. Yet, HQ 1 is very much a Gloranthan set of rules and contains some great examples to explain the rules in a Gloranthan context.

    Best of luck with the game

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