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    Jeff Richard

    The bit on the Chaoosium is certainly metaphorically true – you can decide if it is literally true. It does not conflate Movement with Chaos (any more than the empty stagnation if Chaos consumed the world conflates Stasis with Chaos), but states merely that the Chaosium spouts both monstrosities and raw unformed stuff into the world. Without it, Glorantha would be locked into entropic stasis, without ever being able to grow or develop.

    And even though that Fount of Chaos is now properly called Moon Design Publications and not Chaosium, I think it sounds better in this regard as Chaosium.


    Chaos is absolute annihilation, so you are right – it is none of the positive or neutral powers you named.

    The existing universe within Time was born from Chaos as well as Creation. In a Glorantha without Chaos, the Orlanthi would find a new power, use it, and inadvertently let a new form of Chaos enter the world, fight that power unto the near destruction of the universe, then pull the rests together and start anew. That’s what Orlanthi do.

    They do nurture Creation, and might even offset some of the losses to Chaos in the subsequent new start. But they will reach a step where their action or inaction will allow new obliteration to enter the world, and with it old forces of Chaos.

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    Alistair Jones

    Chaos being pure annihilation doesn’t quite work for me, given that a number of Chaos Features seem to grant extra limbs, integuments etc. Nor do I think that the link to Movement is simplistic. It is, surely, Transformational. The nature of the cultist/victim is transformed by the actions of the chaos magic involved, be it the physical warping of Pocharngo, the moral degredation of Thed, or the illumination of Nysalor/Gbaji.
    As has been said, Krjalk is, essentially, that which we do not understand.
    The transformation takes the recipient out of our cultural referents and into an area we do not understand.

    On the other hand, I cannot see why the Orlanthi would have a problem with ‘pure’ annihilation. It is the impurity of existing Chaos which is the problem.

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    I’m pretty sold with the ‘pure annihilation’ thing, it makes the most sense for me.
    I was thinking about chaos features the other day and I thought that those features could be the universe trying to repair itself haphazardly- if there’s a gap in the universe, it can be filled with a tentacle or an extra eye or two, at least those things belong in the universe to some extent.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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