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    Mark Mohrfield

    An rgp, obviously, but what kind? A glance at the preview on Drivethru suggests that it’s D&D derived, with figher/wizard/cleric/rogue and other classes. Can anyone give a little more detail than that?

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    David Scott

    Have a look at this for starters
    A 4e Player’s Guide to 13th Age http://pelgranepress.com/site/?p=13569

    You might like to look at the SRD (System Reference Document for those not in the know):
    As it says – This is not the 13th Age RPG, which is a beautiful, gamer-friendly book packed with extra content and written in the author’s distinctive style. You can get it in the Pelgrane store or your local game store.

    But it’s enough to play the game.

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    Down With People

    It’s a D&D game with a focus on action and heroics. The major people in the setting are called Icons, and every character has a history with one or some of them. Every character also has a One Unique Thing, a single fact about the character that makes them totally unique in the setting. Instead of skills you have backgrounds, which the players make up and which can be applied to any appropriate situation. It plays like a simpler, faster D&D 3.X.

    It’s probably the best D&D system for running Glorantha. It’s got some unfortunate legacy mechanics, but hopefully 13AG will be able to fix that.

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    Emmanuel Ponette

    I’d like to start a game with my son and some friend of his (age 14). I love Glorantha and I’m very familiar with this world (played 20 years RQ3). Is 13th Age the right choice for beginners? If so, what book should I have (on top of the kickstarter)? Are they available in French?

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    Andrew Raphael

    It’s fine for beginning players in my experience. I’m running it on Roll20 and it’s going well. I’m also running 13th Age in Glorantha playtests on Roll20 from time to time and really looking forward to the next playtest packet and the released product.
    It is available in French, too. Here’s the site:
    Bienvenue sur le site français de 13e Âge !

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