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    Trying to roll up a RQ3 Lhankor Mhy is daunting if you want to include the Alien Combination Machine and don’t have Hero Wars. From what I can gather, Torvald’s Fragments would be a good place to start for his sorcery spells.

    Here’s the list on the Wiki:

    Analyze Magic
    Identify Runic Power
    Spell of Summons
    Read Item’s History
    Recognize Otherworld
    Identify Demon
    Dismiss Confusion
    Logical Thinking
    Resist Godless Sorcery
    Divine Motivation
    Reveal Secret

    Now, from the discussion in the other thread on the ACM, I’m guessing that these aren’t divine spells, they’re sorcery spells from the Eternal Book. So Analyze Magic isn’t the divine Lhankor Mhy Analyze Magic, it’s probably converted to Mystic Vision.

    Most of these are simple. Sorcery Resistance (limited form of Spell resistance) for Resist Godless Sorcery. Dismiss Confusion is a limited Dismiss Magic that works on things like Befuddle, etc.

    But what is

    Identify Runic Power
    Recognize Otherworld
    Identify Demon
    Logical Thinking
    Divine Motivation
    Reveal Secret

    Might help to have the HW spell descriptions for these ones. Any help appreciated.

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    Hannu Kokko

    Soltakks has many spell conversions on his site http://www.soltakss.com/hwconv04.html
    Gloranthaphile the same for Rq6
    On my site are list of all spells I found in the non Herowars Publications but more as a reference – see the link in signature.

    When you have finished please share your conversion – I need to create a new version of Lhankhor Mhy for Glorantha Cult One-Pagers and RQ6 Encounter and would like to be inspired by your work

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    Without knowing what they do in HW terms, I’m kinda at a dead end.

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    Peter Metcalfe

    My interpretation

    Analyse Magic probably is the Lhankor Mhy RQ3 runespell but you probably need to beef it up to get any information from it.

    Identify Runic Power is a spell to see what runic magic is in effect (ie is that strange magic that the enemy is casting from the death rune or from the disorder rune?)

    Recognize Otherworld is a heroquesting magic to determine where exactly you are (Storm Age, Gods World, Spirit Plane)

    Identify Demon is use to identify the nature of any supernatural creature (Runes, special powers etc).

    Logical Thinking is used as a buffer against spells which derange your thinking. It can also be used to provide lucidity in cases of madness or spirit posession.

    Divine Motivation is a divination spell used to sense the motivation of those in proximity to you. It could be used to find out whether they are secret assassins or merely rip-off merchants selling you a piece of junk.

    Reveal Secret is a detect spell. It reveals anything that has been hidden.

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    Thanks Peter, that helped greatly!

    Okay, here’s my initial rough draft of Torvald’s Fragments in RQ3 terms:

    Analyze Magic: This works just like the divine spell except it requires 2 pts. of Intensity to act as a point of the divine version.

    Identify Runic Power: each intensity of this spell can identify the runic source of any spirit magic cast. 2 pts intensity will identify the runic source of 1 pt. of divine magic. Hence a 4 Intensity Identify Runic Power will tell you if that Bladesharp 4 was provided by an Orlanthi Wyter or by a Humakt. It will also tell you where that Shield 2 came from.

    Spell of Summons: This simply relates to all common Summon (species/spirit/otherworld) spells. Each Library will have access to various types of Summons spells.

    Read Item’s History: This spell works much like the rune spell Knowledge. However, with sufficient Duration quite a bit of history can be discerned with a single casting.

    Recognize Otherworld: Each point of Intensity of this spell gives the caster a 5% chance to recognize where in the Otherworld he currently is (Storm Age, Gods Plane, Spirit Plane). Each point of Duration will give the caster an additional chance to discern his location for each station on the Heroquest he enters. Duration 4, Intensity 4 Recognize Otherworld would allow the caster a 20% chance which he can attempt on the first four stations of his quest.

    Identify Demon: At 1 Intensity this will identify that the target is, indeed, a demon. For every 3 Intensities, a chaotic feature or a Runic association (This was a fiend summoned by a Thed priestess) will be revealed. At 10 intensity, all chaotic abilities, natural abilities and Runic associations will be revealed if the caster studies the demon intently for an entire round. If the intensity of the spell overcomes the mp’s of the demon, the caster learns the demons name. (Secret: This can be multispelled with Reveal Secret to learn a demons True Name for the purpose of summoning that specific demon.)

    Dismiss Confusion: This spell can cancel the effects of mind affecting spells. 1 intensity will negate 1pt spirit or sorcery spells, 2 intensity will negate 1 pt. divine spells. So Dismiss Confusion 2 intensitiy will remove a Befuddle while it would require Dismiss Confusion Intensity 4 to remove the effects of a Mindblast.

    Logical Thinking: each point of intensity will give the caster 5% better chance of shaking off the effects of Befuddle and act as an additional pt. of Free INT for purposes of resisting Stupefacation. It will have similar affects on any other spells that affect the casters INT. Against INT attacking spirits such as Madness spirits, it gives an additional point of intelligence per point of intensity for purposes of resisting.

    Resist Godless Sorcery: This is a limiited form of spell resistance that works the same way but only against sorcery spells.

    Divine Motivation: Each intensity of this spell increases the casters (species) Lore by 5%. So a human caster who wishes to detect the motivation of another human adds this spells affects to his human lore, but if he wants to know if that troll intends to eat him or trade with him, it will grant him 5% Troll Lore per point of intensity. This spell will not grant the caster the knowledge of any species history or culture, it simply allows the caster to discern the immediate intent of those around him.

    Reveal Secret: This detection spell will reveal casually hidden items at one intensity. at 2 intensities it will reveal hidden passages or secret doors. If the intensity of the spell is greater than the points of spirit or sorcery magic or twice the intensity of divine magic, it will reveal magically hidden objects. For secrets hidden in the recesses of ones mind (such as cult secrets, where the target hid the treasure), this spell can be combined with the divine spell Mind-Read. If the intensity of the Reveal Secret is greater than the targets mp’s, the secret can be discerned to the mind reader. The target will know his mind is being probed and exactly what information is being gleaned, however. If cast upon a Demon and the mps of the spell overcome the mps of the demon, the caster may learn the True Name of the Demon. (Secret: If multispelled with Identify Demon, no power struggle is required. The demons True Name is automatically discerned).

    Note that if True Names are not being used in your campaign, the “secrets” above can be ignored. However, if you wish to use them, these secrets should be something only demonologists would be aware of and only then if they’ve discovered them. Lhankor Mhy sages would most likely have no idea or if they did, well, that’s why they’re called Secrets.

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    I’d be more than happy to convert any other spells from HW’s to RQ3 if people want to provide me with the HW description of them.

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    WordSword: This spell allows the caster to Orate while sword fighting about trivial or generally non-relevant facts. For each intensity of the spell, the caster has a 5% chance, up to the casters Orate skill, of rolling his Orate each round. If the caster successfully Orates he then matches his mp vs a targets mp’s with whom the caster is in melee combat with. If successful, the target loses one Attack, Parry or Dodge that round. If unsuccessful, the target is merely annoyed/amused at the casters endless prattling.

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    David Scott

    There are no descriptions of the affinities in any of the HeroWars and HeroQuest books. The idea being that you make up the effects on the fly yourself based a short description of the affinity. With spells, they are narrow descriptions as that’s all you can do with them.

    With HeroQuest Glorantha, you make up a short description of what a grimoire is based around and it’s rune(s). The most up to date version of Lhankor Mhy is in HeroQuest Glorantha, it’s not as specific as the Sartarite version as it has to cover Esrolian, Praxian, Sartarite and Tarsh members of the cult.

    There’s the basis for sorcery here: http://www.glorantha.com/docs/malkioni-sorcery/
    Sorcery works around applying one of the following principles to a specific rune:


    With this is mind the Torvald Fragments list in HQG is:

    Analyze Magic: Give a true statement about a single magical entity, item, or substance.
    Identify Runic Power: Identify the primary runes associated with a single magical entity, item, or substance.
    Read Item’s History: Read the past history of an item.
    Recognize Otherworld: Find a point of reference while in the Otherworld.
    Identify Demon: Identify a single Otherworld entity.
    Dismiss Confusion: Dispel madness and other forms of confusion.
    Logical Thinking: Create a valid syllogism.
    Resist Godless Sorcery: Resist spells cast by sorcerers.
    Divine Motivation: Determine the motivation of a person or entity.
    Reveal Secret: Reveal a secret that a person or entity had hidden from the caster.
    Speak Truth: Compel the victim to speak nothing but truth and answer all questions in a literal manner.

    This is not a complete list as the Eternal book is huge and you can make more up. I’ve removed all of the associate runes and rune descriptions.

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    Thanks, David. I’ll rework Recognize Otherworld and Identify Demon. I had forgotten to take into consideration that a lot of things are called demons that are not chaos creatures. Not sure how creating a valid syllogism is even a spell and not an INT check, so sticking with what I wrote up on Logical Thinking.

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