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    Jeff Richard

    For those interested, Pete Nash and I had a short chat on how big Dream Dragons get. I thought I’d share the results.

    Mature dream dragons are somewhere between 40 and 70 feet long from snout to tail tip. They have wings that are comparable in length – sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. They vomit flames, acid, poison, even gouts of lightning. That’s about the size of a good spinosaurus or even larger.

    Immature dream dragons are significantly smaller, usually between 15 and 40 feet long.

    Ancient or really powerful dream dragons get really big – over 80 feet or even more.

    But compared to a True Dragon, even the largest dream dragon is but a gnat.

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    See page 187 of the Sartar Companion – entirely compatible 😉
    Lalaach the Dragon
    A 50 foot long green dragon with yellow eyes, Lalaach has four limbs, the body of a great serpent and huge bat-like wings.

    Lalaach has existed since the time of the Waltzing and Hunting Bands, perhaps longer.

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    Jeff Richard

    Yep, and Lalach is a match for a king’s retainers. Imagine a really ancient dream dragon….

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    Simon Phipp

    I always assumed that True Dragons are to True Giants what dream dragons are to humans.

    So, using my favourite scale of Human:Action Man (GI Joe):Tabletop Miniature figure for True Giant:Giant:Human, a 60 foot dragon would equate to a True Dragon around 4.5 km long, which would be about right. (A human is around 6′ tall, so a 60′ dragon is 30 times as long, Gonn Orta is 150m tall, so a similar scale true dragon is 60 x 150m long.)

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    Jeff Richard

    I fear miniatures scales never came up in the discussion at all.

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    Keith Nellist

    miniature scales? Surely Dream Dragons would have normal sized scales.

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    Erick Eckberg

    Ba-dum-dum. Good one, Keith.

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