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    I just discovered the forum is working again: I asked this on the Google group, but I shall ask here as well —

    OK, I’m a bit puzzled. In the Pavis Book the reNativity of the Red Goddess is described as in the form of a baby; in Lives of Sedenya she takes over Teelo Norri’s body I think; other sources suggest she was She Who Waits, at least before the ReNativity. I’m utterly confused now.

    When the Seven Mothers perform the rite, which is true? I’m guessing all three might be: Teelo Norri to all effects and purposes dies, and She Who Waits vanishes then maybe – but as Her apotheosis occurs later, and this is simply her rebirth (which does normally appear to be in baby form) , I am unsure how Teelo Norri and She Who Waits feature.

    Also is there any description anywhere of the nature of the HeroQuest/rite the Seven Mothers performed at Torang?

    Can anyone advise?
    CJ x

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    David Summers

    I don’t have the Pavis book and can’t comment on it. We have generally accepted that Teelo Nori became the goddess.

    As to She-Who-Waits, everyone has their own theory. So no one is wrong and all will be disagreed with. It being Sedenya (?) would be my top one, however, as it ruins the symmetry of the seven mothers.

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    >Also is there any description anywhere of the nature of the HeroQuest/rite the Seven Mothers performed at Torang?
    If memory serves, there is one in Rule One, a free webzine. It is very detailed, and has some interesting ideas. No idea how “canon” it is, but it seems to have been written by Greg Stafford.

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    David Scott

    Teelo Norri doesn’t actually die. On the quest, she is the pure and innocent vessel that is needed to ensure the goddess(es) can return. Her soul most likely remained with in her body as part of the one allowing the goddess to be on earth. Now imagine a moment on the quest when all the parts of the Goddess come together along with Teelo Nori. There is some super special effect and a blinding flash of light that fills the screen and there lying under a spotlight is a baby! The Seven Mothers return with a baby that speaks and within a few hours grows rapidly (I’m sure you’ve seen this in a few sci-fi programs – the baby that grows rapidly with super powers).
    After the goddess does her final dance, Teelo Norri is left standing on the edge of the crater. She was the form of the goddess on earth, she hangs around for a few years setting up her orphanages, etc and then departs for the Moon as a New God. For the life of Teelo Nori after the goddess left – have a look here:

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    Simon Phipp

    I assumed that Teelo Nori became the Vessel of the Red Goddess, so the Red Goddess was incarnated within her.

    When the Red Goddess awakened herself and became a Goddess, she took the earth of the Crater and made herself a new body, becoming the Red Moon and discarding the Teelo Nori body, which was left as a Demi-Goddess, who then because a Goddess in her own right.

    When I saw the Nepalese story, I did think of Teelo Nori. That is how I see the Priestesses of Teelo Nori, sequestered in their temples and being good girls.

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