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    David Scott

    Discuss Ian Cooper and The Comming Storm in this thread

    So when we last left our heroes they were working on the Big Push on The Coming Storm in Berlin…
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    Christoph Lühr

    Sounds great, whish I had something like that 20 Years ago.

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    Gregory Molle

    Last year, I started playtesting the TCS with the scenario “The horror in the dark”, which was the second scenario, which involved fewer NPCs. The first, “Jarstak’s raid,” involved a lot of NPCs and for this reason, I had found it daunting to launch the campaign. So I think the changes in the new version are welcome.

    On November 23th, I began a new series of playstests with another team and we play “The missing”. 😉

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    Ian Cooper

    Hi Gregory, I look forward to the feedback. Yes, Jarstaks’ Raid seemed to be a bad starting point – it just needed too much information. The Horror in the Dark would be an alternative, but the missing is one of my favourites for getting folks around the clan so far. I’ll probably write a new con game for Gen Con next year, and those two will certainly influence any intro scenario I write.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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