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    Although the Guide covers a fair whack of the various Eastern pantheons (Kralori, Vormaini, Vithelan) there’s nothing I can find on the gods of Teshnos. What sort of runes would the principal deities like Somash and Tolat have?

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    Peter Metcalfe

    Tolat is described as a God of Love and War so the Runes of Life and Death would be appropriate. If he needs a third rune than probably stasis (rather than fire).

    I would copy Somash from Heen Maroun and give him Stasis, Fire and Mastery. Likewise Zitro Argon is Vith under another name and has Fire and Infinity.

    Solf probably has Fire and Disorder, Calyz has Fire and Man and Furalor has Fire and Death.

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    Thomas Iverson

    Using the old correspondences and the new runes (and making stuff up if I don’t know it):

    Somash: Yelm (Fire, Stasis, Mastery) P: GtA p. 330
    Solf: Lodril (Earth, Fertility, Disorder) P:GtA p. 15
    Tolat: Shargash (Fire, Shargash) P:GtA p. 174 Yes, He gets his own planetary rune!
    Zitro Argon: Dayzatar (Sky and more Sky) Guessing here
    Calyz: No analogue (Fire, Fertility, Change) Guessing here
    Furalor: No analogue (Fire, Death) Guessing here

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    Excellent, thank you gentlemen.

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    Thomas: Good guesses, I would change a few things.

    Here’s what I used based on a game I ran years ago:
    Zitro Argon: Light and Truth.
    Calyz: Fire, Man, Mastery
    Furalor: Fire or Darkness, Death

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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