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    Roko Joko

    Perusing the heroquest-rules list archives, I saw a reference to http://www.glorantha.com/tribes/weird_abilities.php, a list of HQ abilities. Sounded cool, but it’s not up right now. Does anyone have that somewhere?

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    David Scott

    I can’t find the raw php, but here’s the basic page – it’s for generic HQ2, Charles may have the actual list.

    Unusual HeroQuest Abilities

    One of the many strengths of the HeroQuest game system is its openness. There is no fixed list of available abilities. The players have full freedom to exercise their creativity in creating abilities for their heroes. A great number of players and narrators have comtributed a list of “interesting” abilities that players have actually had on their character sheets (well, possibly some narrator character descriptions as well). The list has been compiled independently by both Darran Sims and Jeff Kyer. Thanks to both these worthy gentlemen and apologies

    Can Always Find A Taxi
    Has Fleas
    Unchecked Tongue
    He may be a duck, but he’s OUR duck!
    Bad Wind Spit
    I’m a Grandmother
    Tell Tall Tales
    ‘Relationship’ with Rastorlanth the trickster
    Peer Over Glasses
    Manipulate Prejudices

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    I’m afraid that this predates my time as the webmaster…

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    Simon Phipp
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