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    Typically, the heroes are garbed in the accoutrements of the god and often radiate the hero’s light (which can even be Darkness). That might be the glowing golden armor of Yelmalio, or the dazzling necklace of Ernalda, or the terrible swift sword of Humakt. The guy dressed up just like the statue of the god is probably doing some ritual of magical significance!

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    A. Somebody loses for someone else to win?
    That can be the case but doesn’t have to. E.g. for Issaries it is important to do equal exchanges. That means both sides could end up as winners, but the obstacle is to convince the others that trading is actually better than fighting. Remember that according to HeroQuest rules anything can be an obstacle, even a mountain could roll against the PCs, although the mountain couldn’t care less whether somebody climbs it or not.

    B. Would the heroquest antagonist not act in accordance with the heroquest?
    You don’t know on which heroquest the antagonist is and what his or her goals are. Also remember that you lose control and understanding of your mortal self on a heroquest. You are not in a stage performance playing your god you ARE your god. You don’t want to fail.

    C. If the groups meet-up in the Otherworld on what would be Fireday of Truth Week in Season it is because they are both questing on that same day and time in the “real world”
    Time was only created after the Gods’ Age. I.e. if you go to the other side you don’t have any day or week anymore, you are in the Golden Age, or the Storm Age, or the Great Darkness but not on Fireday of Truthweek. The only reason why you want to do a Yelm heroquest on Fireday is because on Yelm’s holidays his magic is stronger and it is easier for his followers to enter the other side.

    D. Can a character be drawn into a heroquest?
    Not only is that possible, but there is also a mechanism to deliberately draw antagonists into your own heroquest. This is called Summons of Evil. You want the Uz to attack your village so that Elmal can defend the Tula and prove his worthiness. You do a ritual to summon the UZ. If you are lucky you get a small group of outlawed trolls and trollkin. But maybe you get a war band of heavily armed and magically prepared marauding Zorak Zorani instead. Or you even get a full tribe of Praxians or some unknown chaos monsters. Whatever foes you will get, they will not come to your village because they answered your call but because their goals and objectives lead them to you simply at the same time you asked for trouble.

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    Well, here’s my shot at answers. No claim at any authority though.

    Do they see Hrolf start the quest, and then just walk away from the place where the ritual began?

    Yes, but he may be in his hero-light, dressed as the god, etc

    Can they follow him as he walks off over the hills and runs into a group of bandits?

    Yes. It’s in the world, so there’d be no barrier to them tagging along. It’s not without its dabgers though.

    Can they jump into the fight and help him by killing some of the bandits to make the fight easier?

    Yes, but…

    If they did that, would that somehow suck them into the myth?

    I would say this not only possibly, but highly likely. There’s a quest going on, someone following the path and you start joining in on the actions. Hi, thanks, you’re now part of it as well.

    Obviously if the audience is playing a support role by praying and sacrificing, following the quester is out of the question, but what if Henrik just stumbles across the sacred grove where the quest starts, and is therefore not a supporter of the quest? Can he follow along to see an interesting show?

    I would say anyone who tries to just observe is more likely to end up as part of the quest. They may not, (Biturian Varosh didn’t get sucked up in Rurik’s, though the experience was still dangerous), but I would say the chance is very real.

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