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    Martin Hawley

    Does anyone know the name of the Polar Bear god?
    Is this the dead god that Harrek wears as a cloak (or is the god wearing harrek?)

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    David Scott

    Because it’s a Hsunchen thing, they would have called him something like Great Ancestor or Great Father, etc. He’s a good example of when something is powerful enough it’s a spirit / god being.

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    Several primitive earth cultures that worship the bear such as the Nivkh and the Ainu, raise bear young as if they were human children for 2-3 years, then have a feast for the cub, then sacrifice it. In nearly every culture, the slaying of a bear was considered sending them back to the land of the gods so they could be reincarnated back into the forest. The bear, in animal worshipping cultures, is almost always chief amongst the gods. The Nivkh, the Haida and many other primitive cultures consider the Bear Mother to be an ancient ancestress.

    It is rare that a bear god is given a name for mentioning the bear gods name could summon it away from the god plane. Nonetheless, they had to call it something and some cultures were happy to give it a name.

    Names of bear gods in Earth culture:

    Oksi (ancient Finnish for bear)
    Kamui (Ainu for God)
    Artio (Celts, who did more of a druidic shapechange to a bear thing)
    Artemis (Greeks, but it’s inferred, not literal, more of a move from hsunchen to barbarian)
    And of course, there’s Saint Ursula, the Christianized version of the pagan god. Think Lunar.

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    David Summers

    I’ve always regarded there being a continuum between “great spirits” and “small gods”. But do I remember than officially there is a line?

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    Peter Metcalfe

    There was officially a line between Great Spirits and Small Gods.

    There no longer is.

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    Jeff Richard

    Yes. It is called the White Bear in Rathori or White God or something like that, and now possessed by (or possessing) Harrek the White Bear. Lots of speculation on its origins. One Rathori song called the White Bear the son of the snows, the Chief of the Gods. Others say he is the god of the Broken Ring, not the Bear Constellation, and has the ability to reincarnate in this world. In the Second Age, some God Learners suggested he is one of the surviving srvuli of Vadrus.

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