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    Jonathan Geere
    Quote from Scott Martin on March 5, 2014, 07:02

    Quote from Jonathan Geere on March 5, 2014, 06:37
    The fourth repeat!!

    I didn’t mind the multiple Agitori so much because I expect to use the Guide as a reference and so welcome a little duplication across entries.

    A couple of points:

    1) It’s a Copy and Paste job.

    2) It’s a missed opportunity to describe these places.

    Or did the Authors give up and get all God Learner at the Southern end of the Map 😯 ?

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    Scott Martin


    From a development perspective it’s a little rough but not fatal, from a functional perspective I at least don’t mind, and from a deep mythic perspective I see it as an opportunity for us to explore why parts of distant Pamaltela start to blur as the edge of the world approaches.

    Down that far, what we know of the world has always had more of a sketched-in quality than somewhere like Pavis, more of an “unfinished work” atmosphere. Sometimes that plays out as blank lands, missing lands or “inaccessible mysteries of Glorantha.” Sometimes, apparently, it means territories repeat in odd ways.

    Is it a developmental artifact similar to the origin of ducks, the identity of Wilm or who allegedly rolled the Block onto the game board of Prax? Sure. But I kind of like it. It adds that fortuitous whimsy to an area of Glorantha that would otherwise be smooth as butter. It’s ambient magic. Pamaltela skips and doubles back in some places. That’s interesting. Blame the Vadeli? Blame the dwarves? Pernicious God Learners? Or is this an artifact of having a live Earth King, a good thing that brings them closer to the Golden Age?

    And of course Moon Design might still move heaven and earth to change up the text, but in the meantime I’m happier to have repetitive entries for these places than nothing at all. Knowing everything about the world is a moving target. Caveat: not much sleep, I might be my usual cold and surly self again upon reviewing.

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    Martin Helsdon
    A couple of points:

    1) It’s a Copy and Paste job.

    It is, but for an ‘in world reason’.

    2) It’s a missed opportunity to describe these places.

    The repetition was commented on earlier in the proofreading cycle, and if I recall correctly, was intentional.

    I suspect this is because:

      The sections where places are referenced in alphabetical order are intended to be read, not sequentially, but as a gazetteer.
      Instead of referencing to a single entry as ‘see

    xxxx for more details’ the authors chose instead to duplicate the available material to reduce the need to flick forwards and backwards in the book.
    This means that if a location is on the borderlands of the Middle World it isn’t going to have a very great deal known about it. What’s given is a general flavor, and if this means there’s nothing specific, it’s very like the locations identified on old maps as Here Be Monsters or Here Be Dragons.
    There are places named on the maps but not referenced in the Guide because they are so obscure nothing at all is known about them beyond possibly a name. And some of those places are within the boundaries of the Middle World but are so rarely visited (or perhaps the visitors don’t survive…) that absolutely nothing is known about them.

    Let us not forget the brave explorers of the Imperial Gloranthan Geographical Society, many of whom perished in the attempt to expand upon the known world. Raise your bowl of wine and spill a little as an offering to those brave souls who died, their fates perhaps unknown even to their gods, as they sought to widen the horizons of the mortal world.

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    Jonathan Geere

    Good points from both Martins (albeit a different names, as it were).

    When I read CC’s comment above it reminded me why I got a sense of confusion reading those regions: I didn’t take on board exactly the same thing was happening to places many hundreds of miles apart. But surely differences exists?

    Also a change of text will show it’s not a (possible) publishing error.

    Ultimately all very liveable with. And the authors can now sue themselves for plagiarism if they need some spare cash. 😉

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    I noticed that on page 427 and page 430 the dwarf stronghold is names “diamond mountian” instead of “diamond mountain”

    I’ll check the others maps in order to spot others typos.

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    p. 209 – Ramona is listed as being in the province of Tarins, but the map on page 208 shows Ramona as being in Jorri, not Tarins.

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    Page 609: Only farranging hunting parties go there, and it is reportedlyfulloflivelydinosaurs.

    reportedlyfulloflivelydinosaurs – appeared after copy&paste, may indicate weird variations of whitespace characters

    Page 622: Admiral Baran: The admiral of Garzanz is one of the most influential men of the Huamaz tribe. A highly educated man, Admiral Baran is an accomplished translator and poet, as well as a student of Malkioni philosophy.

    Member of a tribe and also a Malkioni philosopher? Seems a bit contradictory although likely deliberate – perhaps an additional note to elaborate or explain?

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    Mark Mohrfield

    pages 467 and 540 both use the word “disinterest” where they actually mean “uninterest”. Or perhaps “lack of interest” would look better.

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    Jonathan Geere

    Page 368. Side bar. …demigod Sheng Seleris, who conquered much of Glorantha over two centuries ago…
    Maybe more accurately:
    …demigod Sheng Seleris, who conquered much of Genertela over two centuries ago…
    I could be wrong but his success outside of Genertela was limited?

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