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    Thanks for fixing the link, I’ll report any other empty pages I come across.
    Cult info – things like “the book mentions this Lunar god, or saint, but I have no idea what it is”, or “I’d like to know a bit more about the practices of the cult of this Orlanthi god not mentioned in the book”. Similar to the short information on gods already on this site. Similar to the old(and possibly outdated) information on http://moondesign.glorantha.com/library/religions/cult-7mothers.html

    Keywords as in the Hq2.0 mechanic – the old library site has links to things like “example Orlanthi keywords”. The links there are dead, but it might be worth it to create something similar for the current version of Glorantha and Heroquest – something I’ve noticed with players new to Heroquest is that they have trouble figuring out the free-form nature of keywords, especially if they are also new to the setting and don’t know what their characters can be.
    Something like http://moondesign.glorantha.com/support/homeland_uncoling.html

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    I find the Google site specific search to be a great help. In the Google search box, type:

    site:glorantha.com belintar

    and it will find all references to Belintar on glorantha.com and all subsites.

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    David Scott

    The archive of Pete & Loz’s old Blogs from moondesign.com has now been transferred to the wiki

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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