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    Steve Quinn

    Hi all,
    I am hoping to get a creative and awe inspiring idea from all your collective imaginations.
    Currently I am running a 2nd edition Runequest campaign in Prax using the original Borderlands pack. The PC party has discovered and raided the Broo den at the headwaters near Weis (scenario 4, Muriah’s Revenge), and has had some good success in a large fight in the cavern. At this point the Mallia Rune Priest has tried divine intervention as most of his followers are down, trying to extract himself to the side of his mistress, Muriah, well away from the area. He is currently struggling with a PC Baboon on his back, and facing another warrior. Alas, even though he had a Divine Intervention 6 spell, he rolled 00! I’m hoping someone has a disaster fumble idea appropriate to the situation. I’m looking forward to your thoughts.

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    Simon Phipp

    I would infect the Disease Master with a serious new disease, to which the Disease Master is not immune. That way, he gets the benefit of Mallia Divine Intervention and gets the benefit of the fumble.

    All you need now is a new disease.

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    Harald Smith

    He could explode in a great oozing mass of pus and leave behind the pus and his spirit. Mallia has found him seriously wanting, but isn’t going to waste such a splendid opportunity to turn him into a spirit of disease.

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    Roko Joko

    ^ Yeah!

    Or something like, as he cries out for Malia his head and spine lift out of his body and disappear into a dark vortex. What’s left behind is a low-power zombie spurting gore. The head and spine goes and joins Muriah, and remains recognizable, but is now a mindless incorporeal disease spirit.


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    Steve Quinn

    Some seriously nasty results. I like the way you all think. Still another week until we reconvene but you’re helping me out of my mind block. Thanks again.

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