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    Anthony Gresham

    I found this prayer on Pagansquare.com, it is part of a sumbel to Loki part of the Lokabrenna celebrations.

    Hail to the Day,
    Hail to the Sons of Day,
    Hail to the Night,
    Hail to the Daughters of Night,
    Hail to the mighty, fecund earth!
    Hail to the Gods!
    Hail to the Goddesses!
    Hail to the Ancestors!
    Hail to the vaettir that protect our land!
    Give us this day goodly wit and speech,
    Healing hands while we live,
    and may the work we do this day bring honor to our tribe,
    and aid and succor to those who need it.

    I think I could easily use that in an Orlanthi campaign as is, though I might substitute daemon for vaettir. Perhaps use vaettir for the Orlanthi in Ralios, while using daemon elsewhere.

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    Harald Smith

    Just substitute wyter for vaettir and I think you’d have it.

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    Anthony Gresham

    According to the glossary in Thunder Rebels a Daimon: is a petty god, often without an individual name or personality; while a Wyter: is a daimon or lesser god who protects and is worshipped by a clan, tribe or other community. Vaettir I think would include spirits and essences as well, and perhaps in clans with either dwarf, elf or dragonewt friends, the elf, dwarf or dragonewt “friend” as well. Not troll friends of course, those are always going to be daughters of the night.
    These Elder race friends are longer lived than humans and would act/serve as external memory for the clan. Of course these “memories” would be in relation to the “friend’s” perspective. Thus when a dwarf for example remembers a song, ritual or cult it’s to make the Mostal world machine run smoothly. An elf friend in turn would perceive in terms of the song of Aldrya, while a dragonewt would perceive in terms of whatever aesthetic governs the dragonewt’s dream.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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