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    For those who might not of heard of the term, MGF stands for Maximum Game Fun and is a system of roleplaying thought up by Michael O’Brien (mob). I had an idea for a new fumble table tonight and am stealing the initials for his idea and the spirit behind his system, but this in no way actually uses the MGF system, which I hear is great.

    Maximum Game Fumble is just a thought I had for a new Fumble Table. I always loved the fumble table for RQ3, but I think this would be a lot funner and a lot more hilarious and can be applied to any gaming system that uses fumbles. First off, you keep the rolls of 99 and 00 from the RQ3 table (Blow it and Blow it badly). Those can’t be changed. Then, at the start of your campaign, you have each player choose a result in the lower 50 percentiles of the RQ3 table and change it to literally anything they want, so long as it’s a Very Bad Thing. It could be “player hits the nearest character who’s players name is Darla” if there’s a player named Darla playing, for instance. Or it could be any wildly imaginative or funny result they can think of. The funnier or the potential for maximum fun the better. When anyone rolls a fumble on the table, the player applies the result and then that result is taken off the table and the player creates a new result. Again, only 99 and 00 cannot be changed. One could, however, change another result to read, for example “OMG, You’re a total doofus! Roll 3 more times” if they wanted. Literally anything. “The spell wears off, the character turns back into a toad. Wait. What?”

    The skies the limit but I think it could be the Best. Fumble. Table. Ever.

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