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    Florent HEULIN

    Greetings fellow members of the Tribe!

    This announcement is for the Lankhor Mhy sages who want to complete their collection.

    I declare open my Issaries corner. There you will find common books like the much controversial Mongoose line; complete serie of fanzine; wargames; and even rare offerings, I mean books in very limited editions (Our Great Empire in hardcover anyone?).

    Today are letters A & B

    Ab Chaos 1 to 7 (each signed by GS)
    Abiding Book (The) One of 50 hardcover copies.
    Apple Lane first printing
    Apple Lane second printing (signed by GS)
    Apple Lane: Save the Hamlet from Scurrilous Scoundrels (shrink wrapped)
    Arcanacon II (program book – Kree Mountain teaser)
    Arcane Lore: Heroquests & Heroquesting (2006)
    Arcane Lore: Heroquests and Heroquesting (2004) (signed by GS)
    Attending Gloranthacon VIII (program book)

    Balastor’s Barracks
    Barbarian Adventures (signed by GS)
    Battlemasters (program book)
    Before the Moon (signed by GS) One of a few copies done in 1993
    Beyond Pavis: Adventures in the Valley of the Zola Fel River
    Birth of the Goddess (The) (LARP book, second run)
    Blood of Orlanth
    Blood over Gold: The Trader Princes of Maniria
    Book of Glorious Joy (The) Hardcover copy
    Book of Heortling Mythology (The) Revised edition 2010
    Breakout 34 magazine signed by GS
    Broken Tree Inn (first printind B&W cover)

    If you miss it I may have it! so do not hesitate to send me an email at floheulin@gmail.com

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    Florent HEULIN

    Let us move on to C & D

    Champions of the Reaching Moon
    Chaosium Catalogues (Between 1981 and 1996 if you miss one and collect that kind of item)
    Children of Entropy
    Children of the Red Goddess
    City of Lei Tabor
    Clanking City (The)
    Codex Volume 1 Number 2
    Codex Volume 1 Number 3
    Collected Griselda (The)
    Complete Griselda (The)
    Convulsion 3D (signed by GS)
    Convulsion C4 The Next Generation (signed by GS)
    Convulsion of the Writhing Revenants (signed by GS)
    Creatures of Chaos 1: Scorpion Men and Broos (signed by GS)
    Cults of Glorantha
    Cults of Glorantha, Volume I
    Cults of Glorantha, Volume II (shrink wrapped)
    Cults of Light and Death
    Cults of Terror (signed by GS)
    Dagori Inkarth (Map)
    Dara Happa Stirs
    Deluxe Hero Wars: Epic Role-playing in Mythic Glorantha (shrink wrapped)
    Deluxe RuneQuest Gamemaster’s Box (shrink wrapped)
    Deluxe RuneQuest Player’s Box (shrink wrapped)
    Denizens of the Viking Otherworld (Miniatures)
    Desperately Seeking: Scenarios Sketches, Compendium of Volume II, III & IV by S. Marsh
    Different Worlds 07
    Different Worlds 08
    Different Worlds 10
    Different Worlds 11
    Different Worlds 12
    Different Worlds 17
    Different Worlds 21
    Different Worlds 22
    Different Worlds 24
    Different Worlds 27
    Different Worlds 29
    Different Worlds 30
    Different Worlds 31
    Different Worlds 32
    Different Worlds 33
    Different Worlds 35
    Different Worlds 36
    Different Worlds 38
    Different Worlds 43
    Different Worlds 44
    Different Worlds 45
    Different Worlds 46
    Dorastor: Land of Doom (shrink wrapped)
    Dragon 040
    Dragon 127
    Dragon 129
    Dragon 206
    Dragon Lords 10 with The Tomb of Antigonis Sporana, a scenario by Elliott W. James
    Dragon Pass Avalon Hill signed and counters unpunched
    Dragonewts: Guide to the Eravssarr
    Drake at the Troll Party (The)
    Duck Pond
    Ducks: A Guide to the Durulz
    Dungeoneer (The) 10
    Dungeoneer (The) 11
    Dungeoneer (The) 14
    Dungeoneer (The) 17
    Dungeoneer’s Journal (The) 23
    Dungeoneer’s Journal (The) 25
    Dwarfs: A Guide to the Mostali

    That’s all for today, so once again do not hesitate to send me an email at floheulin@gmail.com, I will send you a complete excel list with details and prices.

    Profile photo of Florent HEULIN
    Florent HEULIN

    Part E & F

    Elder Secrets of Glorantha (Signed by GS)
    Elfs: A Guide tot the Aldryami
    Entekosiad (The) ’96 (Signed by GS)
    Entekosiad (The) ’02 (Signed by GS)
    Esrolia (Map)
    Esrolia: The Land of Ten Thousand Goddesses Continuum Edition
    Eurhol’s Vale & other Tales
    Fall of the House of Malan
    Fantasy Gamer 6 with Lost Inheritance, a scenario by David Dunham
    Fay Jee (Map)
    Fortunate Succession (The) ’95 (Signed by GS)
    Fortunate Succession (The) ’96 (Signed by GS)
    Fortunate Succession (The) ’02 (not signed ;-))
    Four Scrolls of Revelation (The)
    Free INT 05
    Free INT 07
    Free INT 09
    Free INT 10
    Free INT 11
    Free INT 12
    Free INT 13
    Free INT 14
    Free INT 15 / Schattenklinge (Shadow Blade) 15

    Profile photo of Florent HEULIN
    Florent HEULIN

    Greetings members of the Tribe.

    Instead of teasing you with two letters a day, I’ll stop to post as it is simpler to contact me at floheulin@gmail.com to get the whole list of books.

    Many are already sold and I say thank you to the german, french, english and american people who saw in interest in it.

    May the winds breath to your side.

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