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    Ryan Ford

    I picked up the PDFs for both volumes of the Imperial Lunar Handbook a while back, and have only skimmed through them. I’m wondering, with the impending (and anticipated) release of the Guide to Glorantha, how useful a resource for a deeper understanding of the Lunar Empire they will be. Is the lore presented in the ILHs in accord with the Guide?

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    Peter Metcalfe

    They should be better understood as an interpretation rather than an official resource. They have a number of issues (some HQ1 rules related, some writing decisions and some regarding approach) that make them not as good as they could have been (many parts are quite good but others just lack that ommph factor due to the aforementioned issues). The Guide (or at least the draft version) contradicts them in many places (not as much as say the Malkioni) but it is still significant.

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    Ryan Ford

    Groovy. Thanks for the info. That was the vibe I was getting, but I wanted to be sure. I’ll treat them as something to look to for inspiration rather than lore.

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    Simon Phipp

    I found ILH1 to be very useful and ILH2 to be fairly useless.

    The whole discussion on Sevening and Lunar Illumination in ILH2 was so dense and difficult to read that I have given up on it, despite several attempts. The cults are quite confusing as well, not really up to the standard on ILH1, in my opinion. I can see what they were trying to do, but it seems to have been done in a hamfisted way.

    So, ILH1 provides good background and ILH2 provides some useful information, some iffy cults and some incredibly dense and confusing rules on Illumination that I would steer well clear of.

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    Too each their own.

    I ran a several year long campaign in which Seven Mothers missionaries went to Teshnos, Vithela and Kralorela, became Illuminated, fought/became anti-Gods, and HeroQuested to prove the Sedenya was the Seventh Fiery Form. Oh, and inadvertently freed Sheng Seleris.

    I used the ILH2 Illumination rules (with some minor tweaks for Dark Mysticism) and it worked very well – so much so that my PCs and I still refer to “Attack of the All” at various mastery levels to describe existential crises we’re facing in real life.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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